Volume. XXXII, No. 50
Sunday, 10 June 2018

Missions Series: Western India & Cebu (Part 1)

Visit to a Christian ministry in Western India – February 2018

Early this year in February when I went to India to visit my relatives, I also decided to go to visit J & S and observe their ministry, in the in Western India. One of the reasons for my visit was to see in what way I could be of help in their ministry.

J & S are part of a Christian ministry which they started in Western India around 1997 and they minister in the villages. So far, they have planted about 12 Churches and have trained a number of Pastors to lead the Churches.

In India, I stay in Mumbai and their city is quite a long distance from Mumbai. It takes about 4 hours to travel there by an Express train. I visited them on Saturday 23 February and stayed in their apartment. Then on Sunday morning we left at 7:30am to a village, called K. There is a small Church there, started by J some 20 years ago. J preached and I gave a short testimony of my salvation and shared some portions of Scripture.

After the service we had Fellowship lunch in one of the villager’s house. The village people are very hospitable and most of them work as farmers.

We then departed to a town called V very near to the village. In this town the ministry has a fairly large 2 storey house, in which J & S stay when they minister in the villages. This house also has the Church office and other Pastors can also stay there when they visit the Churches.

In the Evening we went to another Church in a village D, which was also started by J. Here again J preached and I gave a short testimony of my salvation and shared some portions of Scripture. The services in both Churches were in the local language, which I did not understand. When I spoke, J interpreted.

After the service we had dinner in one of the villager’s house and then departed for V.

On Monday, we went again to village K. There was a Ladies meeting in the Church led by Mrs. S. There was also a meeting of all the Pastors in the same villager’s house where we had lunch. The Pastors cooked for everyone, including all the ladies. After lunch we departed for V and then back to the city. In the Evening I had dinner with J & S where I expressed my desire regarding helping him in his ministry. He said that in order that I be helpful there, I should be knowing the local language, which is very different from the other Indian languages that I know. So, this is something I need to consider. However, there are other ways that I and others from the Church can help.  We can support them financially, but it has to be done wisely. In the Church at K, the people are not too well off financially and the Church building is a small structure built of mud and wood. They really need a good solid structure and this will cost quite a lot of money. 

You could always visit them and they will be very glad to have you. You could help in teaching Sunday School and also teaching English. Some older persons could also preach in the Churches. Rev. J & S could interpret. If you are interested then please contact Rev. J & S.

I left their city on Tuesday morning back to Mumbai. That was a very short, but worthwhile trip.

                                     * * * * * *

Visit to “House of Hope”, Cebu – March 2018

I had planned to visit “House of Hope” (HoH) which is in Cebu, Philippines on my return trip to Adelaide from Mumbai. I left for Cebu from Mumbai on Friday 2 March and arrived there on Saturday 3 March in the afternoon. HoH is located in a city called Lapu-Lapu in the island of Mactan in Cebu province. It is only about 5 kms from Mactan Airport which makes it very convenient to drive there. Bro. Ginno Paolo, who is the Director of HoH, picked me up from the airport and took me to HoH and housed me in one of the dormitory rooms which was vacant.

HoH was established in 1997.  It was then called as Cebu-Anon. It was Initially supported by “Helping Hand” (Singapore), which was founded by Robert Yeo in 1987. Now, two SA Churches are its main supporters - Hope B-P Church and Edwardstown Baptist Church.

HoH offers a 1-year program for drug addicts rehabilitation.  The Therapies are:

  • Physical – for detoxification. This involves proper nutrition, exercise & sports
  • Social – They have counselling and other programs to reintegrate the residents into the community.
  • Work – This involves vocational training, income generating projects and other forms of work.
  • Spiritual – This includes Bible-Study, Daily Devotions, Worship Services - to build up relationship with Christ

It is the Spiritual aspect of the therapy which is most effective in delivering the residents from their bondage to addiction, because only faith in the Lord Jesus can set a person free from all forms of enslavement.

To be continued…

Bro Edwin D’Mello

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