Volume. XXXii, No. 43
Sunday, 22 April 2018

Mission Series – Cambodia – Part 4

(Missions reports have been written by Teams One (Sisters Joyce Gong and Purdee Yeo) and Two (Elder Michael and Sis Alice Lee; Bro Tien Lee, Adam and Marissa; and Sisters Marion Chan & Peng Ha Yeo). If you would like Parts 1, 2 and 3, please either visit www.hopebpc.com or ask for a copy from the Lively Hope Committee.)


Team 2 Report

The second Missions team was in Cambodia from 16 to 31 January, 2018. This is continued from last week’s Lively Hope:

Elder Michael Lee gave morning devotions to the Bible students on Thursday, 18 January, the whole school on Friday and on Monday, 22 January. He was asked to preach at the combined Khmer, English, Korean and Mandarin worship service on Sunday.  He preached on “Dwelling Together in Unity,” from Psalm 133. 

On Friday, 19 January, Professor Song invited us to join their medical missions to an island, Koh Thmei, off the coast of southern Cambodia. This medical mission was scheduled for the next day.

We left the mainland and crossed the calm sea in sampans and arrived in a small village in Koh Thmei on Saturday, 20 January. Rev and Mrs David Koo also came along for this work. Brother Tien Lee and Elder Michael Lee treated about 40 patients. Sister Peng Ha Yeo and Adam Lee helped while a volunteer teacher originally from Jamaica, but now resident in Ireland, and a few nursing students from the University, gathered the village children around on the mat and gave them a pictorial talk on basic hygiene - teeth brushing and self care. The children were given a packet with toothpaste and toothbrush to take home.  The villagers are very poor, and have no access to primary health care.                 

It was so hot and humid. By the time we got back to Sihanoukville, it was quite late in the afternoon, and we were so tired. Sisters Alice and Marion, and Marissa Lee did not come for the medical missions. Sister Marion and little Marissa were sick!

Elder Michael and Sisters Alice Lee and Peng Ha Yeo left Sihanoukville for Phnom Penh on Monday, 22 January, as they had to go to country X the next day. Rev. and Mrs David Koo were with them as they were leaving for Seoul and a few weeks later for USA, for a conference and to see their eldest son, Brother Solomon and his new family.

From Monday, 22 January to Wednesday 24 January the following week, a recovered Sister Marion continued her music and English ministry with the primary school and theology students at the university, from early in the morning until 4-5 pm. Adam and Marissa tagged along and helped. Brother Tien Lee continued teaching the nursing students until he completed the lessons on Wednesday. He left the final exam and answer keys for the university to conduct later in the week. He was joined by his children to present a simple farewell song, “Make Me A Servant,” using the flute and violin with singing. He exhorted the nursing students to serve as responsible and dedicated nurses and Christians in Cambodia in the future.

Brother Tien Lee with his two children and Sister Marion Chan, departed Sihanoukville for Phnom Penh on Thursday, 25 January, where they met up with the rest of the team back from country X.

What should Hope BPC do in Sihanoukville? Should we stop going there after the many times we have visited since 2000?

The Missions Committee feel that Hope BPC should continue to be involved in the university’s ministry, including maintaining the current financial support. Some other possibilities include:

  • Helping set up affordable internet-based video conferencing facilities to enable them to conduct remote learning and allowing some subjects to be taught using video conferencing for certain university courses.
  • Consider providing some initial lessons for various subjects based on local expertise within the church, including theology topics.
  • Consider direct involvement with a new local church, if this opportunity arises.

Missions (including Medical) teams will be organised in the future and if anyone is interested, please let the Missions Committee know. God bless.

Mission Committee, with input from Brother Tien Lee and Sister Peng Ha Yeo

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  • Special thanks to the IF organisers of Missions Night on Friday.
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  • Healing: Rev George van Buuren; Bro Jose Mangco’s mother (Cebu); and others who are sick.
  • Indonesia Missions: Sis Esther Kim & orphanage (Bandung).
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Praise & Thanksgiving

  • New visitors & church activities in the past week.
  • Senior’s Fellowship Lunch.
  • Working Bees & all who helped to clean up the church yesterday.
  • Missions Night on Friday.
  • Journey mercies: for all who have travelled.




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