Volume. XIX, No. 18
Sunday, 14 November 2004

Welcome to Elder and Mrs Khoo Peng Kiat

On behalf of Hope Bible-Presbyterian Church, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Elder and Mrs Khoo. They arrived on Wednesday (10/11/04) from Singapore and will help in the preaching of God’s Word for the next 3 months. Elder Khoo retired from the Ministry of Health, Singapore in 1986 and has been serving God faithfully for the past 18 years. He has been to many different countries to help in the various churches wherever his help is needed. He had been to Hope Bible-Presbyterian Church before and if I remember correctly, spoke at our Church during a seminar about 8 years ago on Christian marriage.

Summary of Wednesday’s Bible Study

On Wednesday (10/11/04), Elder Khoo taught us from Psalm 1:1-3 on the theme “The Blessed Man”. A brief summary of his teachings are as follows:

The blessed man is one who is:
1. SEPARATED from worldly ways (Ps 1:1)
2. SATURATED with God’s Word (Ps 1:2)
3. SITUATED by the living water (Ps 1:3)

Highlights of Neighbourhood Bible Study on I Kings 11:1-43

Recently, all the Neighbourhood Bible Study groups ended the study on I Kings 11:1-43. The theme of this chapter was on Solomon and his wives.

In my Bible study group, there were many interesting discussions on various issues as we went through the chapter. Three examples of some of the questions we had to tackle are:
Having studied about Solomon’s love life, what is your advice to young people (i.e. your children) about their love and marriage (1 Kings 11:2-3).
God had mercy on Solomon because of his father, David, who kept God’s commandments and statutes (I Kings 11:34). What does it tell you about your faith and faithfulness in relation to your posterity? (Deut. 1:11; Deut. 7:9)
The Lord had given Solomon wisdom, riches and glory above all other kings. However, all these gifts contributed to estrange his heart from the true God. What are the reasons for his departure in your judgment?

The answers to these questions can be found in the commentary by Keil and Delitzisch: “The idolatry into which Solomon fell in his old age appears so strange in a king so wise and God-fearing as Solomon showed himself to be at the dedication of the temple, that many have been quite unable to reconcile the two, and have endeavoured to show either that Solomon’s worship of idols was psychologically impossible, or that the knowledge of God and the piety attributed to him are unhistorical. But great wisdom and a refined knowledge of God are not a defence against the folly of idolatry, since this has its roots in the heart, and springs from sensual desires and the lust of the flesh. The cause assigned in the historical account of Solomon’s falling away from the Lord is that he loved many strange (i.e. foreign or heathen) wives, who turned his heart from Jehovah to their gods, in his old age.”

In His love,
Dn. N.J. Gong

Rev Moses Hahn, Cambodia, thanks Hope B-P Church!

Dear Hopefuls in Adelaide,

Greetings in our Lord’s name.

First of all, thank you for your many prayers and for the love gift to Pailin Church and for beloved Brother Kosal’s memorial. I received US$350 for Kosal’s family and US$1000 for the Ottawao School Office building for Kosal’s memorial.

The visit of Rev. Ki was so timely and comforting to us. He visited the First and Third Governors of Pailin City and shared Hope Church’s concern with them. They were thankful for his visit and asked that more visit that wretched city. They also promised to help in the event that a medical should go to Pailin. The Governors of Pailin will now give us much assistance in clearing customs from the Thai border.

Rev. Ki encouraged the members of Pailin Church and Phannith’s co-workers during his time with us. He also delivered your letters of appeal to the First Governor. I believe Rev. Ki’s visit sweetened the Governor’s heart and has prevented more potential harmful actions against the Church. While in Pailin, we also heard marvellous stories from Phannith about the extension of God’s Kingdom and God’s intervention. Phannith also shared with us his vision for Pailin.

I very much appreciate your sending of Rev. Ki to Cambodia for this special purpose!

May God bless you.

Moses Hahn
October 18, 2004

More Lively Hope



Shorter Catechism Question 76: Which is the ninth commandment? The ninth commandment is, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

Please pray for healing for Rev Peter Clements; Sisters Nan van Buuren, Myung Ki, Aranka Rejtoe (who is in Hampstead Hospital) & Susan Varadi, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me” (John 14:1).

Please pray for Pastor Ki as he ministers God’s Word in the B-P Churches in the USA; Elder and Mrs Peng Kiat Khoo as they minister at Hope Church over the next 3 months; Missionaries in Cambodia - Preacher Chang and her Mandarin Ministry in Kompong Som; Comfort for the family and friends of Bro Kosal; Year 12, high school, university and Khmer FEBC students preparing for their exams; Bro Hai Seng Lim - journey mercies and his ministry in Thailand and Malaysia; Missions Team’s preparation to Cambodia in Jan 10-31; Preparations for the Christmas Concert 2004; Sis Jasmin Chua as she transfers to Sydney for work on 22 Nov, 2004; Journey mercies for Bro Jason Tan (Singapore) and others who are travelling

Praise and thank God for journey mercies granted to Ps Ki (USA), Elder and Mrs Khoo (Adelaide), Rev. George (Beijing), Elder Michael Lee (Melbourne), Bro Mong Guan Wong (Singapore) and Sisters Luan Price (Adelaide) and Marion Chan (Malaysia).

Special warm welcome to Elder and Mrs Peng Kiat Khoo. May God bless your ministry in Hope Church.

Looking Ahead: YAF and Teen’s Seminar. Topic: Exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit in Service on 26 November at the Stone Mansion. Speaker: Elder Peng Kiat Khoo.

Looking Ahead: Christmas Concert: Saturday, 11 December at Concordia Chapel.



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