Volume. XXXVII, No. 22
Sunday, 27 November 2022

Are These Statements True?

  1. This statement, “God accepts us the way we are” is not true at all as correctly said by Prof Sinclair Ferguson who is biblically and doctrinally sound. Be careful that in our zeal to reach out to people, we may say things that may not be accurate or sound though with a good intention.

To say that God accepts the way we are, then there is no need for the cross and conversion. This is especially so in the context of our recent concerns in this country (Singapore). God accepts us based on what Christ has done for us on the cross despite what we are. We are fallen and sinful and God does not accept a depraved person within true evangelical repentance and the blood of Christ. (Prov 28:13, Matt 3:8)


  1. Another common erroneous phrase is this, “The Bible says that God helps those who help themselves.” While I understand what the good intent the person can have but this is wrong on 2 fronts:
    • First, the Bible never says this, and I would like to see someone quote me a verse on this verbatim from the Word of God.

    • Secondly, in salvation, the opposite is true. God helps those who cannot help themselves in the biblical doctrine of total depravity. (Rom 3:10-12). If you want to encourage someone to work hard, i.e. on their studies, you can say that God is sovereign in all things but in this particular regard, He also requires us to be responsible to do our part in studying hard as well, depending always on Him for His strength and wisdom.

Spurgeon says, “if I have to add a stitch to my garment of salvation, I am totally damned.”

So be careful with statements that may sound good externally but are actually fallacious or even misleading or deceitful even though we may not intend them to be.


  1. Another common phrase that is often given as counsel to young people as some may say, “Follow your Heart,” the favourite advice given often on The American Idol show. That is the last thing you want to say to any one because of Jeremiah 17:9-10 as the prophet Jeremiah warns us of the wickedness of our hearts and who can know it (some can even deceive themselves in their hearts in self-deception).

Rather, study and follow the Word of God or the will of God and pray as you wait patiently upon the Lord is a better and sound counsel and do not follow a capricious or a depraved heart that is easily affected and that is often deceitful above all.

If you ever want to use the heart in your advice, follow the psalmist’s counsel and ask God to examine and search our hearts and know us and try us that we walk in the way everlasting. (Psa 139:23,24)


Beware of worldly unsound advice that is being commonly passed around and we pray for godly discernment which is sadly lacking in the last days.


By Rev Jack Sin

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