Volume. XXXV, No. 27
Sunday, 03 January 2021

Christmas Greetings

Dear Hope brethren,

The birth of our Saviour was announced with the declaration that the joy of this good news was a message for THE WHOLE WORLD.

There is no record in the Bible concerning a Christmas such as the world celebrates today. The lavish expenditure for food, decorations, fleshly entertainment in which the world, and often even the church, engages at Christmas time seems utterly foreign to the spirit and message of the first Christmas.

The MESSAGE of the first Christmas was one of joy based upon the good news of the birth of a Saviour, for all people. Had not the offer of the Gospel been universal and the good news for all people, the joy would be greatly lessened. But we do rejoice in the Son of God who brought redemption to the red, the yellow, the black and the white.

The SPIRIT of the first Christmas was that of worship and service. Awed and humbled at the manifestation in the heavens of the glory of the Eternal God, the shepherds believed and came to worship Christ. Having seen what the Lord had done, they went forth to spread everywhere, the good news. Indeed Jesus Himself said "therefore came I forth" to preach the Gospel in the new towns and the next towns.

This then is the true spirit, not only of Christmas, but of Christianity, to believe, worship, and serve Christ. And as YOU worship and "ponder these things" in your heart this Christmas, may it be with an attitude of praise for the opportunities you have to serve in support of missions.

May God richly bless you this Christmas season for your kindness in remembering this ministry. Your gifts throughout the year, and especially as the year comes to an end, are most encouraging to missionaries and board staff alike. Your generous gift of $6,657.07 was received in today, in support of thirteen IBPFM missionaries and staff. It is a blessing to all. A receipt will be sent to you soon.

Yours for Missions,

Rev Keith Coleman



Thank God for seeing me and family through rollercoaster year  2020. Because our Lord Jesus Christ lives we can face tomorrow. Thank you... for all your prayers and love in 2020.  Blessed Christmas and God bless you all...

Rev Mathews Abraham



Merry Christmas ⛄🎄 and Joyous New Year 2021 to you and your family as well as to Hopefuls,

We are indeed really would love to say thank you to you and Hope BP members for your sincere loves, prayers and supports to our family and His ministries in Cambodia. Especially, in this difficult time Covid-19 everybody is struggling with their own financial issues include Hopefuls too yet you all still show us your love with an action by sending us quite big amount of your funds. This helps us a lot in many ways family and ministries.

We would love to pray that our Lord continue to bless you and use you greatly for His missions locally and globally.

May He give you good health, strength, wisdom, love, peace and joy each moment and day.

Many thanks to you, Mrs Ki, Elder Michael Lee, Mrs Alice, Hope BP Session members and Hopefuls.

Yours unworthy stewards of Christ,

Sun Sokha, Nam Soon, Jemima and Daniel


Christmas greetings received from Rev Pong Sen Yiew (S’pore) and Sis Ang Liang Phoa & family (Batam).

More Lively Hope



  • Wishing all Hopefuls a blessed New Year’s.
  • Integrated Fellowship Winter Camp will be held 5-9 Jul 2021. Please pray for the planning & for it to be a time of spiritual revival.
  • Daily Manna Jan – Mar 2021 (both adults & children) available in the Foyer & the Hall.
  • Masks for adults will be optional if attending church in-person. Hygiene, physical distancing & capacity rules still apply. Live online worship via Facebook and YouTube will continue for those who prefer.
  • QR code check-in is required when attending church in-person with mySA GOV app on your smart phone. Screening questions and temperature checks will still be in place. Manual check-in is available if without a smart phone. If unsure, assistance can be provided.
  • Please register your attendance if attending Sunday Service in-person with Bro Edy P Lok by Thursday.
  • Flower Roster for 2021: Sign-up forms are in the Foyer & the Hall.
  • Tithes & offerings - Bank details:
    BSB No.: 015-257    Account No.: 2649 27547
    Please indicate if it is an offering, tithe or for a specific person or ministry.


Praise & Thanksgiving

  • God’s daily guidance, protection & providence throughout 2020.
  • Journey mercies: Elder David & Sis Giok Yeo & family; others who have travelled.



  • Comfort in grief – for those mourning the loss of their loved ones.
  • Healing: Pastor Ki; Rev Mathews Abraham, Rev Pong Sen Yiew (S’pore) & others afflicted in health.
  • COVID-19 pandemic – God’s continued guidance & protection for South Australia & all who are affected.
  • Missions: IBPFM missionaries worldwide.
  • Journey mercies: all who are travelling.





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