Volume. XXXV, No. 6
Sunday, 09 August 2020

Rev Sun Sokha’s Report (Part 2)


We sometimes go to evangelize to the people around our church, visiting and make good friends with the neighbors there. Sometimes, we do clean the rubbish around the church and on the street there as well.


Baset Ministry: It is about 40 minutes from church by motorcycle. We did this ministry in the house of a villager, teaching English, Khmer, Bible Stories and Christian songs to the children. The owner of the house got sick and he went to see the fortune-teller to find out why he got sick like this. The fortune-teller told him that it was because he opened his house for Christian ministry. He asked us to stop using their home. We are praying for this ministry around there, yet because of Covid-19 we still keep on praying.

Batdeng’s ministry: We build good friendship with the Evangelist Hak. He goes to the Bible School to be trained as a pastor. He needs to study at least 2 more years. Evangelist Hak’s family are all Christians. His dear parents went home to be with the Lord recently. We went there with our leaders and young people to teach Bible and English as well as Bible stories to children. 


Prey Veng’s ministry: Elder Sim Khorn’s parents’ hometown invited us many times to bring the Good News to their villages, by His grace we recently made a trip there and Elder Michael Lee visited them. A message was delivered by Elder Michael Lee, and we hope some will come to know the Lord. They still want us to go but we cannot make it, we have many things to do here. Hope to visit there some time later in His time.


Areayaksat/Prek Takov: The Lord has opened door recently to bring the Good News there. We are going there on Thursday afternoon. This ministry will ask Dn Dara Sam and brother Sophea to take care of it. Since I realized that we have several youths they should receive training from me and my wife then they should experience in the ministry. We spend more time in research and study the Word of God to preach and teach them. Of course, I will go there once in a while.


In fact, the whole land needs the Gospel and the faithful workers. We really lack faithful and committed servants who will really commit their lives to the Lord. Please do pray for the faithful men and women to go out for the sake of the kingdom of God.


Family need and challenges:

Although we receive support from Moriah BP Church as a partner, some from my teaching at the Bible School and the church here also provides a small offering, we are still facing difficulties. By His grace, for the last 10 years in Phnom Penh, through Hope BP Church and some friends who send some loving gifts, we can use this for our family and ministries as well.

Last year, because of too much stress and a certain need for privacy to have some time to rest after a whole day’s work, we decided to rent a flat outside the church to stay. It helps us a lot with burn out.


We have two kids: SUN JEMIMA and SUN DANIEL

SUN JEMIMA: She is 15 now. She is studying in Grade 9 and will be going to Grade 10 by this August (she will be having a state exam this coming August). So she needs around 3 more years to finish her High School.

SUN DANIEL: He is going to be 14 this coming 25 of June. He is grade 7 going to grade 8 by this July. DANIEL needs around 5 more years to finish his High School.


Both of them are studying at CIA First. The main challenge we are facing for our family’s need is our children’s education. Other things we try to manage. 

Thank you Hopefuls for your care, encouragement and prayer for us. We know that you all are facing difficulties like us too, especially during this COVID-19.


Please continue to keep the Lord’s ministries here in Cambodia and our family in your prayers. 


May the Lord bless you and protect you all from any virus.




With many thanks,


Rev Sun Sokha and whole family

Faith Krang Angkrang Church, Phnom Penh

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Praise & Thanksgiving

  • God’s daily guidance, protection & providence.
  • Church activities in the past week.
  • God’s mercy & protection from COVID-19 in South Australia.



  • Healing: Rev Mathews Abraham, Rev Pong Sen Yiew and others who are unwell..
  • COVID-19 pandemic – God’s continued guidance and protection for Australia, cases in Vic, NSW & ACT and all who are affected.
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