Volume. XXXV, No. 5
Sunday, 02 August 2020

Rev Sun Sokha’s Report (Part 1)

Dear Session, Missions Committee and Hopefuls,

Greetings to you all in the name of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

First of all, I’d love to give thanks to the Lord for loving and calling us to the ministry almost 20 years ago. We have been through both good and challenging times. He is always faithful and just, though we are not faithful towards Him and missions. Sometimes we complain and sometimes we doubt and sometimes we worry and so on. Through the Word of God and our dear friends who encourage and pray for us, we are able to stand up and serve Him until today. Hope B-P Church has filled some very important roles including encouraging us, teaching God’s living Word and with prayers and support. We give thanks to God for His mercies and grace, and who never leaves us.

Here are the ministries that the Lord has given to us though we are undeserving:

Church Leaders:

There are three elders here (Though it is unofficial, but for the ministries of the church)

Elder San Sam Ol: He and his family attended Faith Church around 8 or 9 years before our family came to serve here. Of course, he attends church as a regular member, yet he is very faithful on the matters of church attendance, regularly giving tithes and offerings and above all, because of his age is mature to help in some areas of the church.

Elder Khem Yudeth: He is still young, he is humble and faithful to the Lord, though he needs a lot of improvements, he always keeps learning and growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

Elder Sim Khorn: He and his wife with 5 daughters are dedicated to the Lord. He is working very hard to support his whole family. His 5 children are students and his wife is a housewife. Besides helping this big family, he helps his parents and parents in-law in the province as well. He helps church in many ways with IT skills for Facebook Live.

We are thankful to the Lord for sending these three faithful elders to help our church. There are many things we are learning as the church leaders.


There are 8 deacons/deaconesses to assist in many areas at church.

Dn Dara Sam, Dn Sen Heng, Dn Samrach, Dn Ratha, Deaconess Naroth, Deaconess Sreoun Deborah, Deaconess Vandet, Deaconess Kahna.

All our elders and deacons/deaconesses spend time together in learning the Word of God, planning church activities and discussing certain hard issues together with prayers.

Church activities:

We have Sunday School activity on Sunday morning from 7:30am till 9:00am. But now because of Covid-19 we do not have the Sunday School.

Khmer worship service from 10:00pm-12:00pm. Now on Facebook Live we change to 9:00am-10:30am.

English Service from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Now we do not have it.

We have Wednesday prayer meeting from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Now we don’t have it too. Hope to start it again soon by Zoom or go to church directly. It is still in our prayer.

We have Bible study for the dormitory students on Tuesday from 7:00pm-8:30pm. Now we do not have it.

Saturday Bible studies for the members and prayers for Sunday service from 6:30pm-8:30pm by Zoom, today will conduct at church once again.

Bible Reading with dormitory students from Tuesday to Saturday at 5:00am-6:15am we skip for a while, but we restart it again on Tuesday last week. We have less than 10 dormitory students at the moment. Most of them are staying at home in their province.


(To be continued next week…)

More Lively Hope



  • Annual Congregation Meeting, Sat, 29 Aug, 3pm @ Sanctuary. All members are expected to attend. Children can be supervised in Hall, if needed.
  • Reminder: If attending Sunday Service in-person, please contact Bro Edy P Lok by Thursday to register your attendance.
  • All Hopefuls are encouraged to use your own devices to access Lively Hope, hymns & sermon outline. Paper copies are available to those without appropriate devices. Please share with family members.
  • Family members, please sit together & remain in allocated spaces (the blue spots in the Sanctuary). Avoid contact with attendees in other areas.
  • Parking & space allocations: Restrictions are in place for Sunday worship. Worshippers (Sanctuary), Sunday School children & guardians, please follow all signs regarding allowed parking areas and access to different areas in church.  
  • Tithes & offerings - Bank details: 
    BSB No.: 015-257    Account No.: 2649 27547
    Please indicate if it is an offering, tithe or for a specific person or ministry.


Praise & Thanksgiving

  • God’s daily guidance, protection & providence.
  • Sunday Worship Service in-person & virtual, & other fellowship activities in the past week.
  • God’s mercy & protection from COVID-19 in South Australia & many states in Australia. Low number of cases, no community transmission & easing of restrictions.



  • Healing: Rev Mathews Abraham, Rev Pong Sen Yiew and others who are unwell..
  • COVID-19 pandemic – God’s continued guidance and protection for Australia, cases in Vic, NSW & ACT and all who are affected.
  • Missions – Sis Ang Liang & family, Filadelfia B-P Church, orphanage, primary school & kindergarten (Batam).





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