Volume. XXXIV, No. 45
Sunday, 10 May 2020

Batam Missions (Part 5 - Final)

Editor’s Note: This week’s article is the fifth and final of a series written by Elder Michael D Lee on our Missions Team’s trip to Batam in January 2020.


  1. Sis JL

Batam, Indonesia is the first Muslim city I have been to. I was surprised to find out that Christianity is the second largest religion there, with 20% of the population being Christian. This includes sister AL and her congregation. Thankfully, people in Batam enjoy freedom of worship, and by the grace of God, sister AL has been able to establish her ministries further with an orphanage, kindergarten and primary school.


During our visit, sister AL arranged for us to be involved in different Bible studies, seminars, teaching and fellowship activities. I was asked to teach a group of Primary 1 students, conversational English. There were around 20 students aged from 5-7, and their English teacher was the translator. She was very expressive, elaborating on what I said and showing interest in all her students. The students were able to introduce themselves, knowing basic English expressions and vocabularies.


It was a 2-hour class with a 30-minute recess in between. However, after the recess all the students came back in tears and the class could not proceed as planned. I learnt that one of their teachers had recently had a miscarriage and she came during the recess to resign from her job and head back to her home village. It was such sad news; the students could not stop crying. There was such a simple, loving relationship between the teacher and the students!


We also had opportunities to spend some time with the orphans and their carers. We visited the orphanage, joining them for lunch, cooked by one of their carers, sister M. She is a good cook, as well as a caring and loving “mother” to the orphans. The other carer is sister F. Both ladies are commended for their sacrificial service.


The other highlight of the trip was sweet fellowship with sister AL and her family. I had heard about her and her ministries for some time, but that wasn’t a lively image in my mind until the time I met her in person.  I learnt that she has a supportive husband and three lovely children. She talked about her calling to Batam and her faithful ministry there for the last 23 years. She and her co-workers are no longer just names to be mentioned in prayer. I also remember their smiles, testimonies and words of encouragement. God bless our church that we are able to reach out to brothers and sisters in different parts of the world. Phil 2:4, “Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.”  Let’s continue to look out for the needs of brothers and sisters locally and abroad.


  1. Bro W, sis A K and family

Since it was the school summer holidays, A and I thought it was an opportunity for us to join our church’s missions trip with our children, J and B. It took about 2 hours' ride by ferry from Johor Bahru, Malaysia to Batam Centre, Indonesia.


We were amazed to see many churches in Batam Centre even though Indonesia is a Muslim country. As first-timers, it was a blessing for us to be able to experience and learn about the Batam missions ministry. It gave us an insight to the hard work, responsibilities and duties carried out by missionaries under God’s guidance.


During the church service on the Lord’s Day, I was given the chance to share my testimony with the brethren at Filadelfia BPC, Batam. My testimony was translated into Bahasa Indonesia (thanks to Sister J) to make it easier for them to understand. A and I were also thankful that we were able to communicate with the Batam brethren in Bahasa Indonesia, so that we could bond with them and get a better understanding of their daily lives whilst having fellowship.

The following day, we visited the Filadelfia Garcia Christian School, along with the orphanage. A, J and B taught the kindergarten kids some basic English. The children were lovely and enjoyed learning. Our visit there showed us the importance of children’s ministry and how children are precious in God’s kingdom. Despite many challenges and setbacks in managing the school and orphanage, Preacher AL and her group of teachers are dedicated in ministering to the children and doing the will of God with perseverance.


We praise God for the daily provisions and support given to the church, school and orphanage ministry. We were much enlightened and touched by God’s wonderful work, performed through Preacher AL, Deacon A and their team. Their good works are fruitful and glorifying to God.


Lastly, we are indeed grateful that we were able to come out of our comfort zones to witness God’s blessing and to serve Him through this missions trip. Let us continue to pray for the church and support them in their various ministries, either financially or by joining our church’s missions team. Together, we can make a difference for God’s Kingdom. May the Lord continue to grant the missionaries courage, wisdom, strength, growth and success in fulfilling God’s will for disciple-making in Batam and beyond.


“I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35


  1. The report of Bro CT and family will be published in the Cambodia missions report.


The Great Commission is not something that we should take lightly or as unimportant. It is actually a command by our Lord Jesus. As believers of our Lord, we must be obedient to His command to go out into the missions field. As a church, this missionary activity must be a very important project.


This 2020 Batam Missions is our first team to Indonesia. Batam is very close to Singapore. If anyone happens to go to Singapore why not organise a group to go there? Stay there for 3-4 days. Help Sister ALP, Gappi Filadelfia and their ministries – Orphanage, Kindergarten, Primary school and their Island missions. Dentists and doctors are needed too. The language spoken there is Bahasa Indonesia, and you might be surprised that many speak English and Mandarin as well. If you have some Bahasa knowledge you have an advantage.


I believe this Batam Missions was a success. The experience gained was memorable and valuable. Hope Bible-Presbyterian Church is blessed.


May I ask each Hopeful to consider a missions trip to Batam?


God bless.

Elder Michael D Lee



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