Volume. XXXIV, No. 2
Sunday, 14 July 2019

Seniors’ Fellowship Group Report

Spiritual care and support for seniors is an important ministry at Hope B-P Church. This ministry was established to ensure that seniors in our congregation are well looked after and supported by members of the church.

In our church we have invited people who are above 70 years of age to join this group. This year, the total number of seniors in our church is 24 people. We have started checking attendance each Sunday. The seniors who miss church service for at least a couple weeks will be contacted. This is to ensure that the seniors in our midst are well looked after and to check if they require any further care or hospitalization in case they are sick.

The purposes of senior’s ministry in our church are as follows:

  • For seniors to serve as a means of providing meaningful relationships with other seniors
  • To serve as an affirmation of faith and encouragement to other seniors
  • To provide an outreach to seniors who have not yet surrendered their lives to Christ
  • To serve as an outlet for seniors to use their gifts and skills in our midst and in the local community
  • To be a good example to young generations for them to pay their respect and honour the seniors according to the fifth commandment
  • To encourage the seniors to participate in spiritual worth and events organized by our church or the local community

Our church is being challenged to provide specific activities for seniors. The ministry includes home visits, telephone contact and remembering special occasions e.g. birthdays, anniversaries and special fellowship lunches.

Generally, we have planned to organize Senior Fellowship meetings twice per year or every six months. On 16th May 19, the first Senior Fellowship meeting of this year was held. Twenty people including seniors and helpers had a special international buffet lunch at Watermark Glenelg. The seniors enjoyed the meal with warm fellowship around the table.

During the fellowship lunch we learned more about one another in terms of general lives and the way to serve the Lord.

In addition, we have been involved with home and hospital visits. We also provide our seniors birthday cards on their birthday and recovery cards when they are unwell. This is to encourage and ensure that we are providing care and love for them.

We intend to have another group meeting during the second half of the year. This probably will be another fellowship lunch. Due to the age and physical concerns of some members of the group, we have decided to have two meetings for this year. Hopefully, we will be able to have a variety of activities among the seniors next year.

We are very grateful to be able to serve the Lord in this ministry. We wish that God will continue to bless the seniors in our church to maintain their good physical and spiritual health with faithful hearts to come and worship Him in their twilight years.

Lastly, we hope that young people in our church will continue to give their respect and honour to our seniors and have willing hearts to help and get involved in this ministry whenever there is an opportunity. Remember to pray for them that they continue to have good health, protection and provision and, if able, to continue serving God in our church.

We encourage our young to visit and keep company with them and to even help them with transportation to see their doctors or even shopping.  Senior people have built up a vast amount of experience and knowledge, and it is not unwise to seek their help not only about Bible knowledge, but also with other issues of life.

“Thou shalt rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the Lord” Leviticus 19:32

Give thanks to the Lord & God bless,

Dn Boong & Sis Mariam Atijatuporn

Seniors’ Ministry Coordinators

More Lively Hope



  • Hospitality roster for Rev Mark Chen & family is available in the Foyer. Please put your name down to fellowship with & minister to him & his family.
  • Pr Hai Seng Lim has requested missionary support for him be discontinued starting this financial year.
  • Missions trips to Batam & Phnom Penh in Jan 2020. If interested to go, please see Elder Michael D Lee or any Missions Committee member.
  • All committee, fellowship & ministry groups are to submit their budget proposals to Treasury via email to hopebpctreasury@gmail.com by today.
  • All committee, fellowship & ministry group leaders: please prepare annual reports at the end of the current financial year & then submit to Dn Kevin Low by next week.
  • Annual Congregation Meeting: All members are expected to attend. If unable to attend, please arrange a proxy with Dn Kevin Low.
  • Lunch Duty: This week: VFG. Next week: YAF.  


Praise & Thanksgiving

  • Visitors & church activities in the past week.
  • God’s daily provision, guidance & protection.
  • Journey mercies: Pastor Okman & Sis Myung Ki (S’pore); Dn Sung Hyun & Sis Amy Ma & Grace; & others who have travelled.



  • Healing: Pastor Ki; Rev George van Buuren; Rev Edward & Mrs Lehia Paauwe;  & others in affliction.
  • Missions: IBPFM Board & Missionaries.
  • GAPPI Filadelfia (Filadelfia B-P Church, Batam) 15th Anniversary Thanksgiving next Lord’s Day.
  • Music Seminar: Speaker – Rev Mark Chen.
  • Journey mercies: Rev & Mrs Mark Chen & family; & those travelling during holidays.







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