Volume. XXXIII, No. 49
Sunday, 02 June 2019

Hope B-P Church – A Beacon of Light and Hope

All glory, honour and praise to our Almighty God for the 33rd Anniversary of Hope Bible-Presbyterian Church. Since June 1986 till today, 2 June 2019, God has been with Hope Church. He has blessed, guided and provided for all our needs.


Before Hope Church started, we had Bible studies as requested by Sister Sally Law. We first met Sally and her brother John Tan at Twain’s Malaysian Restaurant on Rundle Street. After meeting together for Bible studies for a month, we had a request for the formation of a church. We wrote to our pastor, Rev Timothy Tow, in Singapore for help. Rev Tow and Dr S H Tow asked us to go ahead and get the church started. They sent Bibles, Hymn books and a portable organ. After worshipping God in homes for a few months, Hope Church moved into a Scout Hall on Regency Road, Enfield. There were about 20 people.


Since 1986, God has been opening doors for Hope Church. Here are the highlights of Hope B-P Church’s 33 years of history. After about a year, Hope Church moved to a better location in Kensington Special School, Kensington. We thank God for the families who served God faithfully at Hope Church from those early days till this present day:- the Selvanayagam family, the Lee family, Sally and Tony Law, David and Giok Yeo, the Gong family, and Peng Ha Yeo and family. From 1988 – 1993, we grew to about 50 people. In January 1994, God provided a new location for us at the Stone Mansion, (the former St Joseph Centre) 82 Wattle Street, Fullarton, through the help of the Singapore Bible-Presbyterian Churches. Here, at the Stone Mansion, Hope Church worshipped and served God for twenty years, January 1994 – September 2015. We remember that several small church camps and young people’s camps were held in the Stone Mansion during 1994 – 1996. It was heart-warming to have visitors from the Bible-Presbyterian Churches in Singapore come over to fellowship with us at Hope Church. Many overseas students were invited to worship God and serve with the Hopefuls. By 2012, Hope Church was growing to over 150 people in attendance and had to start looking for a larger sanctuary in order to accommodate the congregation.


When the Stone Mansion was sold in April 2015 God provided a temporary meeting place for Hope Church at Bible College of South Australia, 176 Wattle Street, Malvern. During that time Hope Church was looking for a prospective new church location. God sent help in providing a new and better home for Hope Church at Colonel Light Gardens in 2017. Hope Church purchased the former All Saints Anglican Church in Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens. The dedication of the new Sanctuary of Hope Church, 14 – 16 Bedford Square, was on 30 April 2017. Surely God’s goodness and mercy have followed Hope B-P Church from its beginning to this present day.


The motto of Hope Church is “Christ in you, the hope of glory”, Colossians 1:27. The Pastors, the Session, and the members of Hope Church have been faithful to this theme of exalting our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in their worship and ministry. Their constant emphasis on Salvation only through Jesus Christ, and the faithful preaching and teaching of God’s Word have brought much fruit. We are grateful for each and everyone who has served God faithfully in Hope Church.


First of all, we remember those who had served God at Hope Church and had gone Home to be with the Lord:- Mr and Mrs Tan Kee Seng, Jake Eu, Brother Winston Selvanayagam, Uncle and Aunty Oei, Thai Van, Brother James Tan, Deacon Chiew Tan, and Uncle Wong Peng Cheong.


We thank God for the Session members who had served the Lord faithfully at Hope Church and have retired, and for the present Session members who are serving the Lord faithfully. It is a joy and encouragement to see the younger generation of deacons serving God today and carrying on His work in Hope Church and in Missions. We thank God for the faithful ministries of Pastor Edward Paauwe, 1986 – 1998, Rev Peter Chua, 1998 – 1999, and Pastor Timothy Ki, 1999 – 2019. We thank God for Elder Dr Michael Lee’s faithful service at Hope Church since 1988 till this present day.


We remember the ladies who have served the Lord faithfully in various ways. Their labours of love for the needs of the congregation are deeply appreciated. We are thankful for the Sunday School teachers, Bible class teachers, various Bible study groups, Prayer groups, various Fellowship groups, Lively Hope church bulletin committee, Worship leaders, Church choirs, Musicians, Song leaders, Scripture Verse Memorisation, Korean and Mandarin Interpreters, Treasury, Missions Committee, Camp Committee, Vacation Bible School committee, Working Bee, Lunch Duty, Ushers, Welcomers, Transport, and AV Recording, etc. who have helped in the growth of the church. Each one has a part to play in the smooth running of the church. Each Hopeful is mindful of his/her calling and purpose to be in Hope Church, to love the Lord and His Word, to love one another, and to reach out to the lost with the Gospel.  John 17:3 “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”


Hope Church, a Beacon of Light and Hope, is a gift from our Almighty God. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save us from sin, death and hell, and He arose again from the dead on the third day. This good news is light and hope for all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God for our pastors and elders for their faithful preaching and teaching of God’s Word, and proclaiming the Gospel. We remember God’s servants who had come from overseas to preach and teach God’s Word at Hope Church during these 33 years. They have contributed to the spiritual growth of Hope Church. We also remember the pastors and brethren from Australian churches who have ministered at Hope Church.


We are now looking forward to the future, trusting in our Lord to be with us and provide a new pastor for Hope B-P Church. As we continue to walk with God and serve Him faithfully, we look forward to His blessings and guidance in the days ahead. Let us keep praying to Him for He has said, “… In every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.” Philippians 4:6. “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrew 4:16.


In conclusion, we give our grateful thanks to our Wonderful Lord for all that He has done for us. Let us continue to “grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” 2 Peter 3:18.


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  • Welcome to our pulpit - Rev Edward Paauwe.
  • Anniversary Thanksgiving greetings from: Singapore – Rev Peter Chua (Sharon BPC), Rev Willy Ng (Criswell Tabernacle Church), Rev Dr & Mrs Pong Sen Yiew, Elder Peng Kiat Khoo, Dr David & Mrs Joyce See. Malaysia - Rev Yew Cheng Lim (Evangel BPC, PJ), Bro David Chua & Sis Yu Yet Teng (PJ), Bro Jeremy Teo (Kuching). Cambodia - Rev Stephen & Mrs Lydia Choi (Glory BPC, Phnom Penh), Rev Sun Sokha & Sis Nam Soon Lee (Faith Krang AngKrang Church, Phnom Penh), Bro Sopheak Sou & Sis Naroth Kheng (Phnom Penh), Bro Jessie Phan (Kampot). Laos - Bro Surish Dharmalingam. Batam - Preacher Ang Liang Phoa (Filadelfia BPC). Cebu - Bro Jose & Sis Marites Mangco. Australia - Pastor David Weng (Providence BPC), Dn Patrick Ha (Ebenezer BPC, Melb), Preacher Hai Seng Lim (Melb); Elder Stephen Lim (Wellspring Bible Church), Bro Brutus & Sis Taya Balan (Brisb).
  • Deepest sympaty to Mrs Edward Meyale & family on the homegoing of Elder Edward Meyale in Melbourne.
  • Congratulatory greetings to Elder Stephen Lim & Wellspring Bible Church on the inaugural worship service today.
  • All non-designated offerings today will be channelled to the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions.
  • Lunch Duty: This week: Neighbourhood. Next week: Volunteers.  


Praise & Thanksgiving

  • 33rd Anniversary Thanksgiving
  • Journey mercies: Elder David & Sis Giok Yeo (Adl);  & others who have travelled.



  • Healing: Pastor Ki; Rev George van Buuren; Rev Pong Sen Yiew (S’pore); and others in affliction.
  • God’s comfort in grief – Dn Wai Kin Wong & family; Mrs Edward Meyale & family.
  • Missions: IBPFM Missionaries around the world.
  • Those away: Pastor Okman & Sis Myung Ki (S’pore/Korea).
  • Wellspring Bible Church in Glen Waverley, Melbourne.
  • Journey mercies: Those who are travelling.







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