Volume. XX, No. 18
Sunday, 30 October 2005

Epistles from Cambodia

Epistle from Pastor of Paillin B-P Church, Paillin, Cambodia (edited)

Dear Rev. Ki, and Brethren of Hope B-P Church,

Greetings in His Name!

Thank God for the scholarship ceremony on Wednesday, 28th September 2005, and for the eight recipients: six primary school students, each receiving US$40, and two secondary school students, each receiving US$50. We are very thankful to Hope B-P Church in Australia for sending Pastor Ki, and for the Korean Pastors who attended the scholarship ceremony in Pailin B-P Church.

This scholarship makes us remember the love of God, not only to the poor Khmer Rouge students who study hard, but also to our Brother Kosal who was sacrificed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are very grateful to the Lord who opened the eyes of some visitors, such as the Pailin mayor, Religion Department Minister, Education Department Minister, Police officers, some principals of the schools, and teachers, and so on. This is very helpful to our ministry in Pailin. Once again, we are very thankful to Pastor Ki and the brothers and sisters in Adelaide who have shown loving kindness, and who remember us in their prayers. We are very delightful to receive your encouragement and prayer. Now, everything is smooth, and the ministry is progressing. Khmer Rouge people are still responding to the Gospel, especially in the schools and villages. May all the glory and praises go unto the loving Father who never forsake us. Matt 5: 6.

May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, and bless you all. Amen.

Your truly,
Pastor of Pailin BP Church, Bro Phannith Roth.

Epistle from Preacher Chan of Sihanouk Ville Chinese Mission,
Sihanoukville, Cambodia (translated by Bro Raphael Ng)

Dear Hopefuls,
We greet you in the name of the Lord. Time has passed really fast, in the blink of an eye, we have been in Cambodia for 5 years now. (2001 Feb 6th til 2006 Feb 6th) Thinking back, besides thanking God wholeheartedly, we are but one of the instruments that the Lord uses. We embarked on this road based on faith, deeply believing that God’s grace is sufficient, and if not for God’s hand of grace in guiding us, we really dare not imagine what these 5 years would be like to get through.

Please continue to pray for us continually, such that we can serve wholeheartedly, not pleasing men but to do the work according to God’s will. The Devil is always attacking the people who serve the Lord, and people often only regard service as having many visible ministries and activities; let’s pray that the Lord will not allow us, because of our many activities, to ignore our individual pursuit of Christian growth.

In all things we give thanks, and here we would like to report on the progress of our various activities and ministries,: (1) 28th – 31st of July
Our Youth Camp had an attendance of 63 people. (2) 10th – 12th of August, our Children’s Camp had 62 participants. (3) The Church obtained a 10 year permit from the Central Government Bureau of Religions on the 15th of September. (4) Over these 5 years, we have had 14 baptisms and 1 transfer of membership. (5) Our 2pm Lord’s day service has an average congregation size of about 30. (6) The 8 am Sunday School service has been split up into 2 classes, one in the church and one in the villages, with an average attendance of 80 students. (7) In the afternoons from 4:30 til 7:30 we hold 4 Mandarin classes and 1 English Class, with an average of 80 students participating.

Future plans: (1) To form a committee/session. (2) To form a youth ministry. (3) Sunday School Teacher training (4) Training in individual evangelism (5) The 3rd Youth Camp held at the end of July in 2006 (6) The 2nd Children’s Camp to be held in August 2006 (7) The Adults and Children’s Christmas Gospel Rally in December 2006. We hope that there will be churches willing to share the burden or training. We also welcome students to come over here during their holidays to teach either English or Mandarin classes, and experience the life here. Any interested people willing to serve please contact Qiu Yue (Preacher Zhang), and let us work hand in hand and with one heart to do God’s holy work.

May your cup of blessings runneth over and may you continue to serve the Lord with strength.

Prayer Items
To pray for the expenses of the Church for 2006
2. For more Brothers and Sisters to have willing hearts to serve
3. To pray for more Sunday School Teachers and a Youth Group teacher (Currently we have 5 Sunday School teachers and 100 students)
4. To pray for the future path of service for Bro Wang Jin Shun, our fellow helper. (We have the intention to have him receive training in a local semi nary)
5. For our youngest son, Yi Rui, that God will provide for his necessary ex- penses as he enters into University next year.
6. For the health of Qiu Yue (Preacher Zhang)

Lee Tian Nan and Zhang Qiu Yue 5th Oct 2005

More Lively Hope



Shorter Catechism Question No. 18: Wherein consists the sinfulness of that estate whereinto man fell? The sinfulness of that estate whereinto man fell, consists in the guilt of Adam’s first sin, the want of original righteousness, and the corruption of his whole nature, which is commonly called Original Sin; together with all actual transgressions which proceed from it.

Please pray for God’s healing: Rev Timothy Tow, Dr S H Tow, Rev George & Sis Nan van Buuren, Rev Peter Clements, Dn Yaw Chiew Tan; Bros James Tan (FMC), Thomas Tan, John Tann, Kevin Tye (chemo), Daniel Volvricht; Sisters Kimmy Chong, Myung Ki (post-surgery), Aranka Rejtoe, Susan Veradi; Sis Giok Yeo’s sister-in-law, Sis Bee Giok Khut & her mother, & Auntie Oei (post-surgery, Ashford) and others afflicted with illness. "...My grace is sufficient for thee: for me strength is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor 12:9a).

Please pray for – a) Cambodia Missions: Rev & Mrs Moses Hahn & Ministry (Sihanoukville); Khmer Bible Students at FEBC; Bro Vana Rith serving in Paillin: b) Safe delivery for Sis Michiko Law; c) Journey mercies - Bro Winston & Sis Christabelle Selvanayagam, Sisters Lydia Tan, Su Sim Toh & Serene Wong (Adl), & Joyce Gong & Purdee Yeo (UK); d) Resident Pastor for Ebenezer BPC; e) PR Visa applications: The George family; f) Exams - Year 12 and University students; g) Strength & encouragement - Sis Lydia Tan & family; h) God’s Guidance for our legislators.

Praise and Thank God for – a) YAF/Teens’ & BSAG meetings; Ladies Fellowship & Neighbourhood Choir Practices; b) Journey mercies - Rev George van Buuren, Mdm Winifred Chin, Bro Lincoln Law (Adl), Mr Chris McCarthy (USA), Sis Lydia Tan (Kalgoorlie), and others who have travelled; c) God’s guidance and blessings on our latest Cambodia Missions by Ps Ki and Rev George van Buuren; d) Working bees yesterday.
Special Welcome to the Lord’s messenger, Dr Scott Pearson, to our pulpit.
Congratulations and God’s blessings to Bro Terence & Sis Evelyn Lee (Perth) on the birth of their son, Isaac.

Special prayer for our Baptismal candidates: Bro Craig Samels & Sis Clara Koon; Transfer of Membership: Bro Eu-Jzin Tan.

Looking Ahead: Christmas Concert at Concordia College Chapel on 3 Dec, 7:30 pm.

Looking Ahead: Australian B-P Youth Camp. Topic: “Growing in Love”. Guest Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew. Dates: 6-10 Dec. Camp forms on literature table.



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