Volume. XXXII, No. 48
Sunday, 27 May 2018

Missions Series: Cambodia Missions – Part 5 (B)

Editor’s Note: This article is a continuation from last week’s, where we were introduced to Rev Sokha. This article gives more detail about Rev Sokha’s family, the church’s activities, as well as their needs.

Rev Sokha and Sis Nam Soon were graduates of FEBC, Singapore. They met while studying there. They have a daughter, Jemima (13 years) and Daniel (12 years). They are attending an international school in Phnom Penh. Jemima is now in Grade 7, and Daniel in Grade 5.

Faith Krang Angkrang is a Presbyterian church. She was started by Korean missionaries about 2005 by Andong Yongsan Presbyterian Church. The missionaries decided to leave and they handed Faith Krang Angkrang Church to Rev Sokha

Faith Church’s property has been paid for by the love gifts of the believers from her mother church in South Korea and Moriah B-P Church in Singapore. There are two buildings on this property. As one enters this property, the two two-storey buildings are separated by a small “parking” space for motorcycles, bicycles and a few cars. The building on the left consists of a sanctuary for at least 150 worshippers on the top floor, and a pastor’s residence behind and a dining area, kitchen, games area, and two small rooms for church activities (such as small groups Bible study) in front on the ground floor. The other building consists of an office on the ground floor and dormitories on the top floor. There are primary, secondary and university students, and a few workers staying in the dormitories, and each student is supposed to contribute US$ 7 a month. The revenue from this only covers the costs of utilities.

On the Lord’s Day, the Khmer Worship Service starts at 10 am. Attendances vary between 70 and 100. They use “English, translated to Khmer” hymns like ours, but they also use Khmer hymns for worship. One of the interesting parts of worship is Scripture memorisation. Worshippers come forward to recite scripture verses. When we were there, there were two old ladies (70-80 years old) who recited large portions of a chapter of scripture! The Worship is then followed by fellowship lunch. The church pays US$40 for this lunch every Lord’s Day.

There is a regular English Worship Service at 5 pm. Every part of this service, including hymn singing, is in English.

What are their needs?

First and most important is pray for them!

Rev Sokha has requested help from us. He wants to formalise Faith Church with a proper constitution, Session and membership, and he requests help from us to achieve that. He also requests Bible study materials for all age groups, Sunday school materials, English language teaching, church music and hymns, choir, missionary outreaches and physical help from us in the form of short term missions, including medical teams. Can I ask you to pray for this?

Like all God’s work, funds are also needed. Our Missions Committee will submit recommendations to our Church Session and Treasurer for annual budget allocation for Rev Sokha and Faith Church. Would you consider helping them and their church with regular financial contributions to their budget allocations?

We must not forget their children. Children of pastors are just like anybody’s children. We tend to forget children of pastors and missionaries. They need nurturing and education. They are attending an international school in Phnom Penh, and their school fees are not cheap. It is in excess of US$4,000 per child per year. Can we help them with school fees?

The income they receive from their own church is meagre. Although they have monetary support from a Singapore church and occasionally from their mother church, it is not enough. Recently, this Singapore church informed Rev Sokha that their contributions will be reduced. Would you pray about this matter?

I would like to challenge all hopefuls to pray and consider helping Rev Sokha and family, and Faith Krang Angkrang Church, by going there physically and/or providing financial assistance as individuals or as fellowship groups.

God bless.

Elder Michael D Lee

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