Volume. XXXii, No. 42
Sunday, 15 April 2018

Mission Series – Cambodia – Part 3

Team Two Report

The second team of seven members arrived in Phnom Penh on Tuesday, 16 January, 2018. We stayed overnight in an apartment owned by Life University because it was considered too dangerous to travel by road to Sihanoukville.

The next day, Wednesday, 17 January, we travelled in a hired van to Sihanoukville. We were stuck in heavy chaotic traffic in Phnom Penh, a city that has changed with overpasses, underpasses, global village areas and many new high rise buildings.  On the way to Sihanoukville, the highway was very congested with trucks, cars, and motorcycles. There are built up areas up to the midway point where most people stop for rest, food and drinks. The whole journey took just over six hours (in previous trips, it was four hours)!  After checking into our hotel, we went to meet the Assistant Dean of Nursing, Sister Mon; the Head of Theology, Brother Sambath; Head and Deputy Head of the Primary School at Life University. Life University complex has increased in size. There are more buildings when compared to when we were here in 2008! However, there were still a lot of incomplete structures, especially the links between buildings. The floors and parts of the main university building was falling into minor disrepair.

What Sister Peng Ha Yeo noticed in this trip was the number of steps they had to climb to get to the dining room, and the steps were not evenly spaced. This gave the team members exercise but Elder Michael Lee, Sisters Peng Ha Yeo and Alice Lee felt that this had taken a toll on their ageing arthritic knees. It would be good for the younger and fitter hopefuls to come and help out in this Missions field at Life University.

On Thursday, 18 January, Brother Tien Lee started to teach microbiology to the nurses. He gave daily lectures of six hours each, every week day he was there. He also had to set the exams to cover an entire term of teaching. It appears that the university has had difficulties getting any lecturers for the topic over the past year.

Sisters Marion Chan and Peng Ha Yeo were involved with teaching English and music to primary school students. Occasionally, Sister Alice Lee helped out. The students were all very keen and enthusiastic to learn English and to sing Bible songs. It is an opportunity for our Sunday School teachers to come and help in this ministry. It certainly will be an experience! Sister Marion also taught hymn singing to the Bible students in the Theology Department at Life University. The children, Adam and Marissa, tagged along and helped in music and English teaching.

On Friday morning 19 January, Elder Michael Lee taught Introductory Anatomy to the first year nurses. On this day, Sister Marion, unfortunately, was put out of action by sickness on Friday and for the rest of the weekend.

While we were there we experienced power failures and the classrooms were hot, but the children were happy.

…..to be continued.


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  • Greetings to Hopefuls from Bro Jose Mangco & family (Cebu), Rev Sun Sokha & family (Phnom Penh), Bro Surish Dharmalingam & family (Laos).
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  • 32nd Anniversary Thanksgiving on 29 April. Invites are in the Foyer.
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  • Kitchen Duty helpers – This week: Team B. Next week: Team C.



  • Healing: Rev George van Buuren and others who are sick.
  • Cambodia Missions – Rev Pong Sen Yiew’s ministry in Life University Theology School (Sihanoukville); Rev Sun Sokha’s family & ministry in Faith Krang Angkrang Church (Phnom Penh).
  • Journey mercies:  For all who are travelling.
  • 32nd Anniversary speakers: Rev McCoy & Mrs Michelle Chow.
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Praise & Thanksgiving

  • New visitors & church activities this week.
  • Cooler weather
  • Journey mercies: Elder Colin & Sis Grace Gan; & others who have travelled.




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