Volume. XXXII, No. 17
Sunday, 22 October 2017

Letters from Reverend Paul Sun Sokha

These letters have been modified to enable publication in the Lively Hope.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Greetings to you all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Hope you are all doing well. We are doing good by His daily grace that He has bestowed upon us. We'd like to share with you something that the Lord has done in our midst.

In our outreach ministry one of the brothers has decided to come to the Bible school in Phnom Penh to study. This will be for three years so he can be a local church leader. He will study four times a year starting from next week. We are very thankful to God about his commitment.

Tomorrow we have a two day VBS program for children. God permitting, we expect about one hundred children. Please keep these ministries in your prayers continually.

Yesterday morning we received news that a single Korean missionary who used to go to the outreach by car and across the Mekong River by ferry had fallen into the river with the car while the car doors were closed. The currents were so strong that the car was carried away from the ferry. Many people tried to help but the car was not found for almost two hours. Unfortunately, she was found dead in the car. We are shocked by this news. Those missionaries who love the Lord, deny themselves, left their homes, friends, family members for the sake of His kingdom. How much have we, the local people, received of the love of God, through their sacrifices, for our sake? We are indeed in debt. We have received so much love from them. Today, my wife tells me, her team supporters came to do some activities in the village that she serves, and have decided to join her for the funeral service.

Through this the Lord has taught me many things: Life is so short, we need to use as much time as we can to serve Him. Because of Christ, the Cross and His calling we do not belong to ourselves. We die to our self and Christ Jesus liveth in us. I prayed and asked the Lord to continue to use me more for His kingdom and glory. Yet sometimes, I feel so tired, stressed and desperate. May God give me strength to do His work.

I would like to also share an emergency prayer request. Last Saturday my wife Nam Soon was not feeling well. She had back pain, and was concerned about a pelvic lump. The doctor thought it was a cyst, so we had to see a specialist today.  The specialist has recommended that she have surgery to remove this cyst. It was recommended that my wife go overseas for this operation. By faith we plan to send her to Korea. She will be going to Korea for the operation this Wednesday. Please do keep her in your prayers too.

Finally, may the Lord bless and heal her well so that she can return to the ministry here with good health and both of us can do more things for His kingdom and glory alone. We cannot do anything besides serving Him in His sanctuary. May God have mercy and grace on us.
Tomorrow I will be going to Sihanoukville to preach in the Seminar for two sessions. Please do keep me in your prayers too. Thank you for your prayers, love and care. May

God bless you all.

In Him,

Paul Sun Sokha and Lee Namsoon

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Greetings to you all once again in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

You would have received my recent email. I was very down emotionally, physically and spiritually after my wife’s diagnosis of uterine cancer. The doctor has requested my consent for surgery. I have come to Korea to give consent.

When I arrived, I realized that my wife had not eaten anything for a several days, I knew this because she said, ‘because you are here I will eat something’. When I first saw her she looked very pale, like a dead person with no strength within her, I was very sad and cried within me. I prayed and tried to encourage her. I told her that the Lord can do all things and that we must hope in the Lord. I also said that we should go eat something. We went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. It was the first time in many days that both of us could enjoy the taste of food. In fact, I lost my appetite for a few days too after hearing her news. I just prayed and worried of her.

Family life is very important. Once my wife was alone here in the room the first few nights her body started shaking. She told me that it was like when we face God's judgement day. Each one of us will stand in front of God.

Now, let me make long story short. My wife was supposed to have surgery on the day I arrived in Korea. However, one of the church elders in Korea, who helped with hospital fees, advised us to get a second opinion. We took his advice and went to another hospital called Samsung hospital. They checked my wife again yesterday, with the documents from the previous hospital. Praise and thanks be to God, the result yesterday was so good. My wife has no cancer. God really hears our sincere prayers and has already removed the sickness. May His Name be glorified. We were very joyful and thanked God for what He has done for us. Thank you for your prayers for my wife too.

Please keep her in your prayers as on the 20th she will have surgery to remove the cyst. May God continue to have mercy on my wife. I will update more when everything is done. May God continue to bless you, your family and Hope BP Church there.

Yours in Christ,
Paul Sun Sokha and Lee Nam Soon

Friday, September 15, 2017

Greetings to you once again in Jesus precious Name,

Thank you for your prayers. We believe that many are praying for us and your sincere prayers God hears. Thank you for taking your time to pray for us though you are so busy with many things.

I received your funds transferred through Hope BP Church Dn Raphael in July. I think I sent my acknowledgement to him already. May the Lord be with you, your family and ministry always.
- Special thanks: Pr Hai Seng Lim, Sunday School teachers, organisers, cooks, helpers, & parents for making HBC a blessed time of learning for our children.
- Adult Sunday School: “How to Study the Bible”. All worshippers are encouraged to attend.
- Visitation to All Hallows Mews Anglicare, Westbourne Park, next Sunday.
- Lively Hope & Administration Committee: looking for new members.
- Cambodia Missions: Two groups going to Cambodia. 1st group: 5 - 12 Jan 2018; 2nd group: 16 - 31 Jan 2018.
- Kitchen Duty helpers - This week: Team B. Next week: Team C.


- Special Prayerpost-op recovery.
- Healing: Rev George van Buuren; Pastor Daniel Mwinzi (Kenya); and all others who are unwell.
- Health & safety in pregnancy.
- Year 12 exams.

Praise & Thanksgiving
- New worshippers & church activities in the past week.
- Journey mercies for all arriving safely at their destinations.
In Christ,
Paul Sun Sokha and Lee Nam Soon



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