Volume. XXXII, No. 16
Sunday, 15 October 2017

Lessons from the House of Hope Ministry - Cebu, Philippines: Part 3

In the previous two weeks Elder David Yeo has introduced us to the House of Hope (HOH) and his reflections from his visit to the Philippines and subsequent dinner meeting with six of the workers in Adelaide in July 2017. Elder David was touched by the honesty and humility of these workers who were initially introduced to the HOH when they themselves were treated for drug addiction and through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ became believers. We have read of the some of the lessons that he learnt from his interaction with them. Not only were they very aware of their own sinfulness but they are fully committed to God’s work at HOH. They have sacrificed their opportunities to work in respected professions and earn large wages to continue to help others who are not only in need of physical healing but also spiritual healing. We shall now continue with the last installment of this spiritually challenging article…

But, all will know of Jesus Christ.
This is the battle cry of a former street kid who became a drug addict whom God sought and saved. “All will know of Jesus Christ” is what drives his calling. He was a street kid, abandoned and unloved by his earthly father. He wanted to help his mother financially by taking on a consignment of plants from a neighbor. Selling these plants at the market place will earn between, two pesos and 40 pesos, depending on whether it was a good or bad day. Just to feed his mother and himself. Forty Pesos is worth one Australian Dollar. His mother suffered from depression and the son’s heart was spoken to: “care for your mother”. Life was tough and he tells of how he lost most of his human dignity. When he needed to use a toilet, no one would let a poor street kid use their toilet, so the village pathway was his toilet. To cover his shame he would pull his shirt up so that no one could see his face when he used the pathway as his toilet. He eventually turned to crime and soon found himself taking drugs to escape his misery.  He did not go seeking for help but was brought to the HOH by a neighbor. Going through the one year program he encountered the care and love of HOH workers. To God be the Glory, that he admitted his depraved state and sinfulness. He now has Christ close to him as his Lord and Savior. His testimony will edify those who listen to it because we will hear that God reaches out even to those who may not have sought Him. It brings to life the words of Isaiah 65:1 “I am sought of them that asked not for me; I am found of them that sought me not”.

Yes, for this HOH man, if it was not by the Grace of God, the fact that he now has all that sorrow behind him and is instead now counselling drug addicts, must seem unlikely. He shares with all his brothers in Christ that same love from a common Father in heaven. Stand back a little and we will see that his life and his testimony is part of a larger testimony of the community of God’s people. Whether we are from a village in Cebu or an Adelaide suburb, we all owe a common gratitude to the Son who came to save man more than two thousand years ago. Whether or not there is a village boy toiling for sustenance or one who is in Adelaide feeling discouraged by the challenges and sorrows in our lives, we know that all of us matter to God.

When this HOH man has God in his life, he is never discouraged about the relapses, the issues of his ministry and he is never too tired to serve. If you should meet him, he will always encourage you when you show concern about the frailties and demands of the HOH mission. What drives his calling is his battle cry which rings loud: “But, all will know of Jesus Christ!”. What is the battle cry that drives your life?

Do we have addictions in our lives?
Even as the HOH men have moved away from their sins of addiction, we too need to contemplate what addictions we suffer from, that crowds out Christ from our lives. Do we have an addiction to power that we plan and scheme to achieve our desires? Do we have an addiction to social media because we are concerned about our popularity and earning the praise of men is the motive? Do we have an addiction to feasting where food becomes the reason that we gather around a table for fellowship? Do we have a craving for that soul-destroying drug of spiritual self-aggrandizement that our pride parades our virtues for all to mimic? Do we have an addiction to our ego that we can see no wrong in ourselves when others offer correction? Are we addicted to praise that we never listen when others tell us that the emperor may in fact be wearing no clothes? Do we have an addiction to ourselves that others always matter less? Do we have an addiction to worldly accomplishments such that our self-worth has increased and Christ has decreased in our lives? Do we have an addiction to popularity that we have an insatiable appetite for self-admiration? Do we have an addiction to the magnetic forces of wealth and power that we find ourselves moving ever closer to the well-heeled? Whatever addictions we have in our lives, we can learn from the HOH men and likewise go to Christ for the healing.

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