Volume. XXXI, No. 43
Sunday, 23 April 2017

Holiday Bible Camp (HBC) 2016 - Part 2

The testimonies of the children are below. Children were asked to think about the questions below. Some children chose to answer the questions directly.
1) What did you enjoy most about the Holiday Bible Club?
2) What would you like to thank God for?
3) Give a message for Reverend and Mrs George
4) What would you like to pray for?

1) Making friends in Holiday Bible Club
2) Letting Aunty Susan and Pastor George come to Adelaide
3) Thank you for teaching us we learned a lot from you. I love your skit.
4) The journey mercies for Aunty and Uncle George

1) I enjoyed learning about God
2) I would like to thank God about getting to go here
3) I like how Mrs George act
2) Food
3) I love you
4)Food, chicken, church, Moo, Cow

1)Missionary Story and having snacks
2)Chicken! Chicken! Chicken! Flower
3)Thank you for coming to our church and coming to talk to us about a story. Thank you for showing elephants and giraffe and cheetah and monkey and hippo. Thank you for teaching us to learn about God.
4)Cows because I like cows they give us milk.

1)Learning about the Bible
2)Chicken! Chicken again! Chicken again!
3) Thank you for doing the pictures
4)Cow because I like cows
I loved making a kite. I loved making prayer cards.

1)James enjoyed the balloons
2)Thank God for my mum and dad
3)James would like to thank the Georges for coming
4)Protection in the world.

1)I really enjoyed the missionary stories particularly the one about the Indians as we get to learn what it is like to be on the field. I also liked the food in the  refreshments.
2)I would like to thank God that everyone was safe and the HBC ran smoothly.
3)Thank you for giving up your time with your family and fellow countrymen to teach us about the Gospel.
4)I would like to pray for all the visitors that they will come to acknowledge Christ if they haven’t already. I would also like to pray for Rev. and Mrs George that they will continue preaching to non believers in India.
Nathan Low

1)Games, skits, crafts
2) Missionaries, teachers, parents
3)Thank for you teaching us
4)For the people in other countries that they become Christians

I enjoyed the games the most because it was fun
Natalie Low

1)Listening to the story
2)The people who orgnaised it

A message to Rev and Mrs George, thanks for teaching us! I really liked the lesson on the broad and narrow way. The skits were really funny and Rev. George, it was funny when you said we call meditating sleep! I would like to pray for the Chinese people and a take home message for me would to be a missionary wherever I am.
From Grace S

1) I love the skits most!
2) I like to thank God for making my life
3) Thank you for teaching me all the lessons in this camp
4) Like to pray for Uncle George and Aunty Susan to go back well and safe
Nathan Ng

What I enjoy most about HBC are the games, art and crafting and the stories. I would like to thank God for letting this HBC run smoothly, helping us to learn more about Him and for everyone that’s here.
Message: Thank you for coming here and teaching us more about God. It’s nice meeting you. Hope you have a safe journey back to India. If there is any chance, please come again.
I would like to pray for Rev and Mrs George a safe journey back. Help everyone who learned about God to grow their faith in Him. Please help the missionaries around the world to spread the good news so more people will know about God.

1) I enjoyed having craft and my favourite activity in craft was making the Medallion.
2) Thank God for having Holiday Bible Club, mum and dad and me.
3) That I really like the skit and when you teached me about David and Joseph and Samuel
4) For the missionaries in China
Adam Lee

I like the craft. I would like to thank God for the Georges for doing the teaching. I pray for more Christians.

1) Skit
2) For having so much fun
3) I will miss you
4) Make sure that Rev and Mrs George don’t get hurt

1) Craft
2) Food for lunch and snack
3) Thank you for preaching to us
4) Rev and Mrs George on a safe flight

1) I really liked the idea of the Asian Adventure instead of an actual missionary story
2) I would like to thank God that the Georges could come from India and come to HBC
3) Thank you for coming to Australia and teaching us things at the camp and at HBC and also at church. I hope you have a good journey back to India.
4) I would like to pray that the visitors can accept Jesus into their heart and also that that the Georges would have a good journey back.

1) Games
2) Pots – craft
3) I am sad that you are leaving but thank you for teaching me.
Grace Ma

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*Kitchen Roster - Helpers this week: Team C. Helpers next week: Team A.
*From May onwards, memory verse will be recited after Singspiration, before Worship Service. Please come early to memorise scripture verses.
*Thanksgiving & Dedication Dinner - Please be there by 6pm so dinner can start on time.
*Invitations for Thanksgiving & Dedication Service are available at the Sanctuary foyer. Please feel free to take them for your family members, relatives & friends.
*Camp media order forms available at the Sanctuary foyer. Lower quality mp3 available on the HBPC sermon website.
*Cambodia Missions July 2017: If you are interested to participate, please see Elder Michael D Lee or Bro William Song.
*All worshippers are encouraged to attend all the meetings by Dr Bob Jones III & Mrs Beneth Peters Jones.

Praise & Thanksgiving

Journey mercies: Bro Paul Cohen (Victoria); & those arriving safely at their destinations.
Visitors & new worshippers.
God’s daily mercy, guidance & blessings.
Church activities in past week.
Easter Family Bible Camp at Wellington; Speaker Bro Paul Cohen, camp committee, program organiser, helpers & attendees.
Discharge from hospital: Rev George van Buuren.
Discharged from rehab: Sis Alice Graham.

Prayer Items

Health & God’s healing - Pastor Ki; Dr Gary Cohen (USA), Dr SH Tow (S’pore); Rev Edward & Sis Lehia Paauwe; Rev Patrick Tan (S’pore); Rev Sun Sokha’s wife (Cambodia), Grandpa Ki (S’pore);  & others in affliction.
iSketch & Tell Ministry: Pr Hai Seng Lim’s ministry in Melbourne.
IBPFM board members, staff & missionaries: Rev & Mrs MJ Eapen.
Cambodia Missions.
House of Hope, Cebu - staff & drug addicts.
Ebenezer BPC (Melb) - Working visa for Rev & Mrs Mathews Abraham & family.
God’s guidance for our theological students - Dn Sung Hyun Ma & Bro Kevin Low.
Youth & Assistant Pastor for Hope B-P Church.
Journey mercies: Dr Bob Jones III & Mrs Beneth Peters Jones; Rev Mark Chen; Rev Mathews Abram; Rev Alfred & Sisters Ruth & Thoko Ngoma; Rev Pong Seng & Mrs Way Chor Yiew; Preacher Hai Seng Lim; Elder Jimmy Orchard (Adl); & others who are travelling.
Those working away: Bro Houston & Sis Jen Xin Li (Riverland); Bro Raymond Ang (Pinnaroo).
God’s wisdom & guidance for the Building Committee in making decisions for the use of new premises.
God’s help with preparation for 31st Anniversary Thanksgiving, Dedication & Ordination Service.
God’s guidance for Covenant, Ebenezer, Hope & Providence BPCs to form an Australian B-P Presbytery.
Thanksgiving, Dedication & Ordination Service speaker: Dr Bob Jones III. Various meetings over the weekend.



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