Volume. XXXI, No. 30
Sunday, 22 January 2017

Greetings from Missionaries Round the World (Unedited) - Part 2

30 December 2016

Dear Hope BP Church,

Greetings to you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Celebration last Sunday. We had a wonderful time with our church members and our family too last Sunday. The Lord has blessed us so much last Sunday: The program went very well, the people really got blessed through all activities, especially during listening to the Word of God. There are at least 40 youths joined our Christmas Day for the first time, some already are believers and mostly are non-believers. We pray and hope that the Lord will touch their hearts and put faith within their hearts to believe and accept Jesus as their Lord and Personal Savior too.

We also thank the Lord for His grace, love and mercies towards us and our church for the whole year. The Lord is still using our family to minister to our Cambodian people in our church, some places in Cambodia and a chance to preach and testify His love to our Cambodians who work in Korea. Opportunity to train our church members so that they can go out and make three Children Cell Groups this year. The Lord has blessed us to have a dormitory for the university students from the provinces to stay, study and be trained with us spiritually. And of course, God's provident to meet with Brother William Song's family, who really love the Lord and dedicate for His service by involving directly to the poor in Cambodia once with their family and sending their funds to help those who are needy. We also never forget to give thanks to the Lord for your love and prayer for us through prayers and sending your love gifts often, through these we can do many things for the work of the Lord in Cambodia.

We also thank the Lord not just for the good thing but for the bad thing as well, the end of this year my wife has been sick and been to see a doctor several times. We thank the Lord for preserving her life and His provision for all hospital fees expenses. Thank you for your praying for her sincerely. Now she is getting better. To God be the glory!

We are going to have a Watch Night Service this coming Saturday Night. We pray that the Lord will bless and guide us what to do next year. We just want to listen to His voice and follow His footstep. Please do pray for us that we still can be useful for His kingdom in Cambodia.

We'd like to say Happy New Year 2017 to you, your family members and Hope BP Church as well. May God bless you and use you all for the glory of our Triune God.

Please do check some attachment files (Christmas Day). Thank you very much.

In Christ Jesus,
Sun Sokha and family


31 December 2016

Dear Brethren,
We wish you all have a blessed and happy New Year! God may listen to your heart to give you abundant joy in 2017.
We thank you for your kind and generous gift for our family and most of all we are very grateful for remembering us in your prayers and love.

Please keep praying for Joshua. He is now in Brussles to study Business Management. He is enjoying his new life and settling down well. But as a parent we see many temptations and possible bad influences which we cannot do anything to prevent but praying.

It has been hard for us to leave him there alone and came back to Guatemala, specially for Debra.

Thank God that He has been pouring His Grace and Mercy upon Debra to cast all her burden to Him. Though as you guess, it has been hard for her. Please remember her also in your prayers.
Thank you again for your concern and love which have given us a great encouragement.

God is the only One who can make our life worthy and shinny throughout the year 2016 and we believe that He will do the same in the coming year of 2017 for all of us.
May God bless you richly as you bless many others through your prayers and love.
Caleb and Debra Kang


10 January 2017

Dear brethren in Christ,

Greetings in the name of the Lord.

We, Yoon's family, want to express our thanksgiving to the church for the love gift last month.

We are not thankful because we have received money, but we are thankful because God's provision for the right time.

We are also encouraged for the church's participation and consideration for the mission field.

May the Lord bless the ministry so that the church may serve the Lord faithfully and obey His commands.

In Christ,
Eben Yoon

Pray for Yoon's Family (January, 2017)
- Pray for the college ministry.
- Pray for teachers so that we may teach the truth.
- Pray for Eben; I will be teaching five subjects this term.
- Pray for students for the wisdom.  
- Pray for Mijung for her health.
- Pray for the family for the protection and provision.
- Pray for MK's so that they may also carry the task of the missions.

윤에벤, 현미정, 하은, 하진, 하현 드림
Eben, Mijung, Haeun, Hajin, and Hahyun


13 January 2017

Greetings in Jesus to the pastors, elders, deacons and members of Hope Bible Presbyterian Church in Adelaide, Australia! It will be a HAPPY one for us in Him.
Rev Keith Coleman sent me last month an address for you, but I wrote it where I don’t see it, so since I have this one in my directory, may the Lord direct my thanks to you. (I will copy to  Purdee Yeo just in case.)
Today I received your loving Christmas gift. How generous of you to include me in your list. It came very opportunely. Actually the Board office tried to give it to me earlier by mailing it to my bank account on 23rd December, whence it either went astray or is still on the way by the redoubtable USPS! So they tried again, and sent in included in an Outreach  wire to the bank here. A gift is never too late. Whenever it arrives, early or late, it is always in time. And so with yours today. Thank you so much in His Name.
 I just today wrote out a quarterly letter of Outreach news for the Mission Office to mail out to all on their lists this month, and I don’t think I  saved any news out which I can send you here. But – there is one piece of news I did not include, so may I send it to you for a prayer need? In Northern Kenya, as you know, there is much M  uslim influence – they are perceived to be the majority whereas they are not, when numbered against all who name the Name of Christ (both Protestant and Catholic) and the Traditionalists. In such a reckoning, the Mslims are far in the minority, but they are the perceived majority. So in two counties in the North, Cushites (of whom are  Rendille),  the counties of  Wajir and Mandera, Cushites, even if they are Christian, are not allowed to go to church. So they must meet in their homes. That does not apply to Baalah for we are in  Marsabit County,  the largest county  in area in Kenya  (though not in population).  So let  us pray for those Christian Cushites, whatever tribe,  Borana, Oromo, Gabra, and maybe a few Rendille in those two counties.  The Lord will turn that to good in some way, I wonder if mus lims might feel it possible to  go to a christian’s house and learn about  Jesus (ISSA).  It was in Mandera in December 2015 when Muslims successfully protected  christians in a public bus when Al Shabaab attacked it with guns. Perhaps you heard about that. It should be remembered and remembered in Kenya, and it was publicly remembered about three times last year. Anyway, thank you for you christmas gift to one who works with Cushites!  and thank you for your prayers for them in Outreach. 

The Lord’s blessings be seen and known in your midst  during this happy year!
Judith (Collins)


14 January 2017

Dear Pastor Ki and Hope BPC,

Thank you very much for your personal Christmas gift of $700.  Thank you also for your interest in our ministry here in Brazil as we try to teach Christians to  "observe all things whatsoever I (Jesus) have commanded you." ( Matthew 28:19,20)  We hope to see someone from Hope there in Mexico for the ICCC in February.

In His Service,
Ken and Ira Olson

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*Kitchen Roster - Helpers this week: Bro Edwin D’Mello; Sisters Jen Xin Li & Jun Lin. Helpers next week: Bro Jun Yi Teh; Sisters Siew Ling & Wei Yi Teh.
*Please note: Working Bees on Sat, 28 Jan, to help with moving of furniture from CLG Rectory to church building. Helpers needed for cleaning of premises 28 Jan & 4 Feb.
*Providence BPC: Please give your support & encouragement if you are able to attend worship service at 3 pm.
*Anyone interested in participating in the combined special item for the Anniversary Thanksgiving & Dedication Service (singing & playing instruments), please see Sisters Marion Chan, Sally Teng or Purdee Yeo. Children and Adults are welcome to join.
*To all committee, fellowship & ministry groups: please give your year’s programme to Lively Hope Committee ASAP.
*Next Lord’s Day will be our last day worshipping at BCSA.
*Adult & Junior RPGs, & Daily Manna available. Donation: $1 per copy.

Praise & Thanksgiving

Journey mercies: Elder David & Sis Giok Yeo & family (US); Dn Wai Kin & Sis Mavis Wong & family (S’pore); Dn John Wong (Melb/Adl); & others arriving safely at their destinations.
Visitors & new worshippers.
God’s daily mercy, guidance & blessings.
Church activities in past week.
Settlement of church property at CLG finalised on Fri, 20 Jan.
Session Meeting last week.

Prayer Items

Health & God’s healing - Pastor Ki; Dr Gary Cohen (USA), Dr SH Tow (S’pore); Rev George van Buuren; Rev Patrick Tan (S’pore); Grandpa Ki (S’pore); & others in affliction.
Special Prayer: Rev Edward Paauwe (rehab).
God’s comfort & strength for Mrs Lehia Paauwe.
Healing & guidance for Bro David Paauwe.
iSketch & Tell Ministry: Pr Hai Seng Lim’s ministry in Melbourne.
Cambodia Missions: Rev Stephen Choi & Ministry; Rev Sun Sokha & Ministry (Phnom Penh).
New Life BPC (London) - Dr Carl Martin; God’s guidance & encouragement for Task Force & congregation.
God’s guidance & help in new ministry in Wagga Wagga - Rev Alfred & Sis Ruth Ngoma & family.
Encouragement & God’s guidance to Pastor David Weng & Providence BPC.
God’s guidance for our theological students - Dn Sung Hyun Ma & Bro Kevin Low.
Youth & Assistant Pastor for Hope B-P Church.
Journey mercies: Dn John & Sis Josephine Wong & family (Melb); & others who are travelling.
Health & safety in pregnancy: Sis Tabitha Tan.
Interpreters of sermon into Mandarin.
God’s guidance & smooth settlement of new church premises on  next Fri, 20 Jan.
God’s guidance for Covenant, Ebenezer, Hope & Providence BPCs to form an Australian B-P Presbytery.



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