Volume. XXXI, No. 29
Sunday, 15 January 2017

Greetings from Missionaries Round the World (Unedited) - Part 1

10 December 2016

Dear Brethren at Hope B-P Church in Adelaide:

Greetings in the Lord our Saviour.  Hope you are well and prospering in the service and worship of our gracious Redeemer and King.

Thank you very much for your very generous personal gift of $700!

On another note, we would appreciate your prayers for:

1. Vacation Bible School Feb. 13-17, our theme is Noah and the Flood.

2. Our first Youth, Family and Neighbors Conference Feb. 18-20.

3. Special outreaches while our friend from the U.S. Mr. Alex Woehr visits us here through the IBPFM SOME team program approx. Feb. 7-23, and for his travels; including for his visit and ministry while in Bogotá.

4. That all may go well with a return of 30 folding chairs which we purchased for use in ministry which turned out to be defective, for a refund, and the corresponding purchase of alternative chairs which we will need to make to have them by Feb. Lord-willing.

Thank you for your prayers for us and our work here in Chile.  Please let us know you have received our note of thanks, and let us know if you have any special prayer requests which may be shared.

Joyfully in Christ,

Paul and Cheryl Durand and family (Chile)

14 December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you.  Thank you for your prayer and financial support of my ministry.  I appreciate it very much.  I have a Christmas letter report that I planned on attaching to this, but for some reason, it won't send.  When I figure out why, I'll forward it.  Many of you follow me on Face Book.  I will try to post it there also.
I hope you have a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Judy Creamer (USA)

14 December 2016

Dear Friends at Hope BP Church.

I received word from Rev. Coleman  at the Mission office in PA.

I thank you for your very nice gift that you have sent to me. I appreciate you thoughtfulness and love to me in sending this gift of money. It is much needed and appreciated.  May the Lord richly reward and bless you for it.  May He Bless the Church also and keep each and everyone.

I am thankful for the Lord's continued keeping me and helping me.
Sincerely, in Him,

Joan V Davenport (USA)

15 December 2016

Dear Friends and Partners in Christ:

How wonderful to have friends and co-laborers for Christ across the world! You have been such an encouragement to us and our work in Kenya.  It was wonderful that you helped us this summer in Kenya, with finances and also with your church ladies, Purdee and Sarah. 

God continues to direct and use us here in the States, as it is a busy time of year as we do a lot of entertaining in our home.  Our ladies circle met here last Tuesday, this evening is our church fellowship here, and there will likely be near 40 for fellowship and food.  Then next Tuesday we are having the folks from the Putney Memorial Church were Gary has been some preaching and doing their Tuesday prayer meetings.  We are so thankful that we can show love and hospitality to so many.

We do want to say a big THANK YOU for the recent personal gift that you have given us through the Mission.  You have blessed us, and answered prayer!  We will use this to help with a trip to Mexico in February for the ICCC/ALADIC meetings there.  It will be an opportunity to encourage our Christian brothers and sisters there.  How wonderful it would be if some of you could be in Mexico also.  That would make things so much better!

May the Lord bless each of you as we celebrate the humble birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  May God bless the opportunities to share the real reason for the season.  And it is our prayer that each of you will have a very Blessed New Year.

Yours in His Service,

Gary and Pat Johnson (USA)

16 December 2016

Hoping you are well and enjoying the blessings of the LORD. We well thanks to GOD.
The present is to give our sincere thanks for your prayers and support economic and the Christmas gift.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and many blessings from the LORD.


Pastor Jonathan Jara and Janeth, Ruth, Jonathan e Melissa (Chile)

17 December 2016

Dear Brethren at Hope BPC,

Hello from Chile! We hope you are all enjoying the preparations for Christmas! We will be having our Christmas program this Sunday night with all the Sunday school classes participating as well as the adult choir and others presenting the Christmas story. The theme is: His name shall be called...  We are praying that many visitors will come and hear the gospel and that the Lord would be glorified in the program.

We want to send you all special Christmas greetings, but also a very special THANK-YOU for your generous Christmas gift for us. It is such a blessing to us and we want you to know that. We pray the Lord's blessings on each of you for your love.

We wish each of you a wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of God's blessings!

With Love,

Jim and Melody Bjur (Chile)

20 December 2016

Dear Hopefuls,

I greet you all in the precious Name of our Saviour and soon coming King.

As you will note, the attachment is our Christmas letter for this year. We are pleased that you all have had a special part in the year 2016; not only in your kind hospitality during your May Anniversary, but also in your most gracious gift to the two of us – we thank you so very much.

 We also rejoice with you in answered prayer for God’s provision of a new property. May it always be a beacon of Truth and Light to not only South Australia, but the entire world.

You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

For the King,

Keith & Mellie Coleman (IBPFM)

21 December 2016

Dear brethren in Christ,

First of all, I greet you in the name of the Lord.

I was told by Rev. Coleman of IBPFM that  you sent a love gift for me.

I was away from BCEA for two weeks for VBS for children.

When I come back, then I write this email to express my appreciation.

Thank you for your loving concern for me and for this mission field.

May the Lord bless you with His peace
Have a blessed Christmas.

In Christ,

Bai, Eun Young (Kenya)

More greetings (Part 2) next week! Editor

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*Please continue to encourage and support Providence BPC by attending their Worship Service at 3 pm at the home of Pastor David & Sis Susan Weng. There is fellowship dinner after.
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*Anyone interested in participating in the combined special item for the Anniversary Thanksgiving & Dedication Service (singing & playing instruments), please see Sisters Marion Chan, Sally Teng or Purdee Yeo. Children and Adults are welcome to join.
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Journey mercies: Dn John Wong (Melb/Adl); & others arriving safely at their destinations.
Visitors & new worshippers.
God’s daily mercy, guidance & blessings.
Church activities in past week.

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Health & God’s healing - Pastor Ki; Dr Gary Cohen (USA), Dr SH Tow (S’pore); Rev George van Buuren; Rev Patrick Tan (S’pore); Grandpa Ki (S’pore); & others in affliction.
Special Prayer: Rev Edward Paauwe (rehab).
God’s comfort & strength for Mrs Lehia Paauwe.
Healing & guidance for Bro David Paauwe.
iSketch & Tell Ministry: Pr Hai Seng Lim’s ministry in Melbourne.
Batam Missions: Sis Ang Liang Phoa & ministry.
New Life BPC (London) - Dr Carl Martin; God’s guidance & encouragement for Task Force & congregation.
God’s guidance & help in new ministry in Wagga Wagga - Rev Alfred & Sis Ruth Ngoma & family.
Encouragement & God’s guidance to Pastor David Weng & Providence BPC.
God’s guidance for our theological students - Dn Sung Hyun Ma & Bro Kevin Low.
Youth & Assistant Pastor for Hope B-P Church.
Journey mercies: Elder David & Sis Giok Yeo & family (US); Dn John Wong (Melb/Adl); Dn Wai Kin Wong (S’pore); & others who are travelling.
Health & safety in pregnancy: Sis Tabitha Tan.
Interpreters of sermon into Mandarin.
God’s guidance & smooth settlement of new church premises on  next Fri, 20 Jan.
God’s guidance for Covenant, Ebenezer, Hope & Providence BPCs to form an Australian B-P Presbytery.



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