Volume. XVIII, No. 37
Sunday, 14 March 2004

Sunday School Teaching

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace unto the hearers” (Ephesians 4:28).

During Rev Edward Paauwe and Mrs Lehia Paauwe’s recent trip to Adelaide, Mrs Paauwe conducted a Sunday School seminar. It was a long awaited seminar and was well attended by many Hopefuls. It was held after church services over 3 Sundays. The aim of the seminar was two fold – as a means of training prospective Sunday School teachers and to act as a refresher course for current teachers. Those who attended were greatly blessed and benefited from this seminar.

We were privileged and blessed to have Sister Lehia run this seminar. We praise and thank God that she graciously gave her time and effort to prepare and present these lessons.
Sunday Schools provide the church with its greatest evangelistic opportunity and are not only restricted to young children but include every one of all ages. Hope Church provides classes for children only. Children are our greatest assets as children are a significant aspect of a fruitful mission field. Young children hear and respond whole heartedly and openly to the gospel. They absorb God’s word more readily than those older than themselves.

Teaching God’s word in the Sunday School is a privilege and a high calling from God. It is a great commission which encompasses evangelism, baptism, discipleship and church planting (Matthew 28: 18 – 20). Those taught are reminded to faithfully “teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). We are to teach exactly what is in the Bible and not to add or subtract from it.

Teaching God’s word is a partnership with God as John 14:26 teaches us that “the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost ... he shall teach you all things”. The Holy Spirit gives us power and strength, guides us, supports and encourages us in the work, thus we are not alone. Planting the seeds of the word of God is not an easy task. It is time consuming and takes many days of preparation, prayer and reading of God’s word. We may not see the immediate results but we know that our efforts “shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

God promises eternal results for faithful efforts. “He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him” (Psalm 126:6).

Each lesson must proclaim God’s attributes ( 1 Chronicles 29:11). When teaching we are to bring out the characteristics of God. We are to teach and explain life from God’s point of view not man’s viewpoints. Jesus Christ is to be emphasised whether the lesson is taken from the New or the Old Testaments ‘for we preach not ourselves but Jesus Christ the Lord’ (2 Corinthians 4:5a).

The goal of teaching God’s word to students is salvation “through faith which is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:15) for the unsaved and sanctification for the saved. All believers need to show the love of Jesus Christ, to conform to His image and become more Christ like (2 Peter 3:18).
The Bible lesson is a bible story which includes the gospel of salvation, the main teaching point, personal application about sin, invitation and personal response for the unsaved. The gospel message should be woven throughout the lesson. When presenting the lesson and leading the listener to Christ, there are certain points to bring out. These points or doctrines may not be presented in the same order but are linked in naturally as the lesson progresses. The gospel acrostics below help us to remember and present every single point through out the lesson.

G – God’s love.
O – Only begotten sinless Son of God.
S – Sin.
P – Precious blood of Christ paid for sin.
E – Ever living risen Saviour.
L – Let Him in.

The seminar included a personality and spiritual guideline for Sunday School teachers. The importance of being spiritual role models is vital. We are to lead Godly lives and “be filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18b). The secret of a successful lesson lies in adequate preparation and knowing fully what is to be taught. Faithfulness is required of us (1 Corinthians 4:2) to do God’s work.

2 Timothy 3:16 gives us a guideline in the various aspects of Sunday School teaching i.e. doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. These guidelines enable all believers to learn from God’s word and live Godly lives.

Sunday School teachers are to exhort the biblical truths from the word of God and to teach diligently the fear of the Lord (Psalm 34:10). Children cannot do it on their own, They need to be fed God’s word by adults. Our Lord Jesus Christ says in John 21: 15 -17 “Feed my lambs ... feed my sheep”.

Perhaps you feel that God has called you to invest your life more extensively in this evangelistic endeavour. You may have a desire to share the greatest news to all. Consider it prayerfully and make yourself available to labour for this rich harvest field of saving souls for God.

Together in Christ,

Dns Sally Law.

More Lively Hope



Shorter Catechism Question No. 39: What is the duty which God requireth of man? The duty which God requireth of man, is obedience to his revealed will.

Please continue to pray for Sis. Myung Ki, Rev. Peter Clements, Rev. Moses Hahn, Mrs Lydia Choi, Mrs Irene Turner, Sis. Susan Varadi, Sis. Aranka Rejtoe, Bro. Surish Dharmalingam “Unto thee lift I up mine eyes, O thou that dwellest in the heavens.” (Psalm 123.1).

Thank God for granting journey mercies to Sis. Julie Tan (Adelaide).

Please pray for jouney mercies for Bro. Leo Lam (Hong Kong), Sis. Sooi Chin Gong (M’sia) and for those travelling today: Mrs. Viola Gong (M’sia) and Sis. Angie Chen (S’pore).

Praise and thank God for the voting on the church building options.

Thank God for the blessed AFG fellowship during the hike yesterday.

Please note: There will be no BSAG meeting this Wed. and no YAF this Fri.

Cambodia Mission: Anyone planning to go to the Missions in Cambodia in May 2004, please see Pastor Ki or Dn. Michael Lee ASAP.

Church Rosters for the second quarter of this year are being prepared. Please notify Dn. Edwin D’Mello if you will be away for any Sunday between April-June or like to be included in the roster.

Easter Family Bible Camp at Douglas Scrub: 9-12 April. Speaker: Rev. Prabhudas Koshy. Camp forms are available on the literature table.

Easter Camp food: Could all who are willing to donate cakes, biscuits and other refreshments for morning and afternoon tea sessions at the Easter Camp, please inform Sis. Joyce Gong.

Congratulations to Dn. Terence and Sis. Evelyn Lee on the birth of their baby girl, Lauretta, on 28 February.



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