Volume. XXX, No. 3
Sunday, 19 July 2015

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Edifying Your Spouse
EDIFICATION, a term often used in the New Testament, refers to the building up of individuals. When we edify others, we enhance their self-worth. This is a great gift that you can give your husband or wife.

But how should you build up your mate? Husbands and wives should follow biblical principles, like the example in the Song of Solomon.  In brief, the husband edifies his wife by praising her. The wife edifies her husband by lovingly responding to him.

God has designed marriage so a husband is dependent on the affirmations of his wife and the appreciation she shows him for all he gives her.  In the same way, a wife’s sense of beauty depends greatly on what her husband thinks of her. She needs to be nourished with praise, never diminished by criticism.

It is wounding when a husband criticizes his wife.  It is equally wounding when a wife lashes out at her husband.  Both spouses have a tremendous need for encouragement through words, focused attention, eye contact, and loving touch.



新约圣经常用的一个动词就是 ‘造就’,通常是指如何建立、启发,发掘个人的潜力。当我们造就/建立对方的时候,无形中也增加自己的魅力。在婚姻内,我们可以给予配偶的最美妙的礼物,就是彼此造就,彼此赞赏。







Train your Child… In One Minute a Week!
The above headline is meant as a joke (you knew that, right?).

After all, our society has become enamored with quick fixes and easy solutions as it has with speed.  Bookstore shelves are crammed with titles such as “Five Steps to Revolutionize Your Life and the 30-Second Prayer Warrior.”  We see ads that promise “Lose 20 Pounds in 10 Days.”

Unfortunately, some parents let this easy-does-it, don’t-break-sweat mindset influence the spiritual training of their children. They figure they’re doing okay if they ask a question or two about “spiritual things” during the week.

Parents who take a minimalist approach - asking a few questions or offering a few “way-to-go”s for regular church attendance—shortchange their children of rich opportunities to deepen their faith. To state this principle in positive terms, parents must be intentional, consciously spending time nourishing their child’s spiritual life and seizing valuable moments rather than letting them pass by.

For some things in life, there are no quick and easy solutions.  For all of us, growing in Christ is a long-term process. It takes diligence, discipline, and attentiveness over many years. We may sometimes experience a growth spurt—a big leap forward in our quest for Christ-likeness—but most often the maturation process happens inch-by-inch, step-by-step.

That is why wise moms and dads allow plenty of time for cultivating, nourishing, and tending their children’s spiritual development.  Perhaps that’s what the Psalmist was getting at when he said, “Our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants” (Psalm 144:12).

Parents who are “Spiritual nurturers” set aside ample time to talk, pray, and read with children.

Rearing children is like baking bread: It needs to be a slow process or you end up with an overdone crust and an underdone interior.



我们的儿子,从幼年好象树栽子长大. 我们的女儿如同殿角石,是按建宫的样式凿成的。

身为父母,肩负神所托负重任,是孩子们当然属灵的导师,必须愿意花时间与孩子交谈,祈祷与阅读.。正所谓“十年树木,百年树人”养育孩子,犹如烘烤糕点,整个过程,马虎不得,更不能操之过急,否则 将会弄巧反拙!       



 不必流汗,不必运动,你绝对能够在十天内减去二十磅的体重“如何改变您生命的五大步骤”等等;即使是属灵书架上亦充斥 如何作个三十秒的祷告勇士等类的书籍。




如果基督徒的父母以为,只要在每一个星期内,向孩子们发问一二个属灵方面的难题,按时带领他们上教堂作礼拜等几个简易方法就能增添孩子们对神的信心,使孩子更属灵,更虔诚,那就是大错特错了。 父母应该刻意的,积极安排时间,抓紧孩子稍纵即逝的宝贵成长时光,适时地向孩子灌输良好的属灵观念。






Encouraging your Teen’s Faith
Here are a few ways you can stimulate your teen’s faith in God:

● Be a good example.  Because this is an age of idealism, your child is sensitive to signs of hypocrisy or inconsistency. Be honest about your failings.

● Don’t be disturbed if your child expresses doubts about their personal faith. Spiritual struggles are almost inevitable for young people. If you can’t answer a question, find someone who can--a pastor, youth leader, or counselor.

● Encourage your child to join an active Christian youth program. If your church doesn’t have one, look for a program in the same denomination or campus or organization.

● Finally, pray continually for your child.  They need the Lord’s constant protection. Remember, you may be the only person in the world praying for your child.















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