Volume. XXIX, No. 4
Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hope Church Vacation Bible School 14th-18th July 2014

The Vacation Bible School (VBS) remains an important outreach for Hope Church and is the main Sunday school event for the year. Once again we were privileged to have Bro Hai Seng Lim from Ebenezer BP Church, Melbourne as the main speaker, who spoke to the older children (age 5-12). Some of you know that Bro Hai Seng has a Sketch and Tell ministry. For this year’s VBS, he used these graphic art skills to speak on the broad theme of heaven, and specifically on what heaven was like and the parables of the sower, the Rich Young ruler, the Rich Man and Lazarus and the parable of the talents. The children were kept rapt by his quick skillful drawing of a number of characters within these parables using the iPad and projector, as well as his own YouTube videos.


Each year for VBS we have a missionary story in addition to the main Bible stories. This year the Sunday school leadership chose the life story of Sis Corrie Ten Boom for the missionary story. Some of you would know that Sis Corrie was a Dutch lady who hid the Jews during World War 2 and was imprisoned in a German Concentration Camp for her support of the Jews. She lost her father and sister to the German prison and concentration camp. After the war, the Lord used her mightily to reach out and forgive her enemies, even the concentration camp guard who had hit her sister. The children learnt a number of important scriptural truths from her life: lessons of courage, disobeying wrong laws, resilience in face of great hardship/fear of death, and ultimately forgiveness of her enemies. A parallel program on the same topics of Heaven and Corrie Ten Boom was given by a number of Sunday School teachers to the younger children (aged 2-5). The children were greatly blessed also by the music ministry, crafts and games that were organized daily (despite the inclement weather!).


There were about 23-29 children that  attended for the five days, and in total more than 35 children attended for at least one day. All attendees were greatly blessed and a selection of testimonies from the children is reproduced below.  We thank the Lord for the many teachers, helpers, and refreshment/lunch providers who continue to serve the Lord faithfully through this vital ministry. May God bless your service for Him. Indeed it is more blessed to serve rather than be served. Can I also encourage others within the church to take some time off work (even if one day) during next year’s VBS (mid July) to come and serve in this part of children’s ministry. Please plan early - we need more people to help out. I am sure that you will be blessed richly by the Lord.


“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” 1 Cor 15: 58


Bro Joseph Selvanayagam


Children’s Testimonies


I learnt about heaven. The rich man went to Hell. Lazarus went to Heaven. He knew Jesus. I liked the craft. Joash (4)


I enjoyed watching the movie of Corrie Ten Boom. The hiding place was really awesome. Enoch (8)


The Corrie Ten Boom story is a great story of faith to keep you going if you are in any problems. Thoko (11)


I enjoyed learning parables and the missionary story. I learnt about heaven. Nikola (10)


I enjoyed the missionary story about Corrie Ten Boom and how she protected God’s people. I liked the games. I learned what happened in the parable of rich young ruler. Jeshua (9)


I really enjoyed the missionary story on Corrie Ten Boom. My favourite parable was the Parable of the sower.  I learnt that you have to forgive people even if they harm you. William (10)


I liked the story hiding place because it is about forgiveness and that God has a plan for all of us. Shruti (10)


I learnt many things during the VBS week. One of the amazing stories I heard was about Corrie Ten Boom – I learnt how brave she was and that her sister told her that God had a plan for her life and that she would get out of prison before the year finishes. We found out that God kept his promise. Shefali (12)


Things I liked about VBS: Corrie Ten Boom story, The Lord is preparing a place for me in heaven. VBS was good because you can make new friends and learn more about God and Jesus. Vina (9)


I loved going to VBS and learning about Heaven. The Corrie Ten Boom story was my favourite part of VBS. I liked how God even used the fleas in the camp. Grace (7)


I liked the story of Corrie Ten Boom. I also liked the parables of Rich young ruler and Rich man and Lazarus. Lizzie (8)



More Lively Hope



*Kitchen Roster Leader: Today: Bro Edwin D’Mello. Next Lord’s Day: Bro Phil Surman.
*ACM: All church members are requested to attend. If not able to attend Proxy Nomination forms are available on the foyer table.
*Any church member who has issues to be brought up in the ACM, please submit your requests to the Clerk of Session, Dn Colin Gan, by today.
*Please note: Ladies’ Fellowship Share & Prayer resumes on Fri, 8 Aug; Neighbourhood Bible Study Groups on 3rd week of August.
*Please note: From 3 Sept, Rev Ed Paauwe will teach “Homiletics” class for 10 weeks on Wednesday evenings. All worshippers are encouraged to attend.
*Congratulations to Bro Youwen & Sis Cyndi Yeap on the Blessing of their wedding in Singapore yesterday.
*Catered Fellowship Lunch: $5 per person; FREE for under 5 years old.
Prayer Requests
1. Health & God’s healing - Dr Gary Cohen (USA), Dr SH Tow (S’pore); Rev Edward & Sis Lehia Paauwe; Rev George van Buuren; Grandpa Ki (S’pore); Bro Colin & Sis Kathleen Creaser; Bro Len & Sis Margaret Pearson; Preacher Zhang (Sihanoukville); Bros Herbert (Dilly) Anderson (Kenya), Raymond Ang’s father (S’pore), Surish Dharmalingam (Laos), Elton Law & Kang Fun Tan (Sis Felicia’s father - S’pore); Sisters Lai Kheng Chiong, Margaret Hooper, Grace Gan’s father (healing), Queenie Lau, Choon Fong Lee (KL), Iris Surman’s brother, Corinne Teng, Susan Varadi, Susan Weng & Mavis Wong’s mother (salvation & healing); Mr Swee Liang Ng; Mr Mang Soo Ong; Bro Peng Cheong Wong; Mr Lucas Lee; Mr Tony Zhang; Mrs Maggie D’Mello (Mumbai); & others in affliction.
2. God’s strength, guidance & provision: Sis WolHee Kim & her two daughters (S Korea).
3. iSketch & Tell Studio, YouTube Ministry: Pr Hai Seng Lim.
4. Cambodia Missions - Rev David Koo & Ministry(Sihanoukville); Bro Liv Rotha & Ministry (Kampot).
5. New Life BPC (London) - strength & encouragement for congregation; Resident Preacher Mok.
6. Laos Missions: Bro Surish Dharmalingam & Ministry
7. Starting of Sovereign Grace B-P Church in northern suburbs on 8 Aug: Bro David & Sis Susan Weng. 
8. Journey mercies: Deaconesses Joyce Gong & Purdee Yeo (Adl); Bro Raphael Ng (Waikerie/Adl); Sisters Marion Chan (Adl) & Xiao Hui Chye (S’pore); & others travelling.
9.  Interpreters of sermon into Mandarin.
10.  Health in pregnancy: Sisters Heng Yee Cheah (S’pore) & Tabitha Tan.
11.  PR application: Bro William Song & Sis Yashu Qin.
12.  Scholarship application: Sis Katrina Loh.
13. Chile Missions with the Bjurs Ministry: Deaconess Purdee Yeo - healing, God’s guidance & protection.
14. Postnatal recovery: Sis May Lau; good health & development of Mia.
15. God’s guidance & direction: Sis Xiao Hui Chye (Malaysia); Bro Youwen & Sis Cyndi Yeap in their new married life (S’pore).
16. God’s comfort & salvation - family members & relatives of love ones killed in MH 17 crash.
17. Christians under severe persecution & expulsion in war-torn Syria & Iraq.
Praise & Thanksgiving
1. Journey mercies: Deaconess Joyce Gong; Bros Samuel Ki & Lucas Yiew (S’pore), Raymond Ang (Pinnaroo/Adl/S’pore) & Raphael Ng (Waikerie/Adl); Sisters Marion Chan; Jillian, Nicole & Ashley Chia (S’pore), Xiao Hui Chye (KL/S’pore), Hui Peng Peh & Mary Ting (Adl); & others who have arrived safely at their destinations. 
2. Church activities in the past week.
3. Visitors & new worshippers.
4. God’s daily mercy, guidance & blessings.
5. Holy Matrimony: Bro Youwen & Sis Cyndi Yeap (S’pore).
6. Granting of provisional visa: Bro William Song



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