Volume. XXVII, No. 50
Sunday, 09 June 2013

What is Theistic Evolution? - Part 1


Theistic Evolution is a popular theory today and has been widely accepted in many churches around the world. The reason for this overwhelming popularity is because Evolution has been accepted by almost all the schools and universities around the globe.

Today, Christians in general are too ignorant to realize the problems and dangers which lurk within this theory. Though this Theory comes in many other forms such as Day-Age Theory and Gap Theory or Progressive Creationism, their main emphasis is to incorporate Creationism within Evolution. One of the most important subjects affected by theistic Evolution is the doctrine of the origin of man. Man is God’s most glorious Creation because he was created in the image and likeness of God Himself. He is no by-product of Evolution. God has a special purpose and plan for every man, because man is unique and different from all the rest of God’s Creation.

The Origin of the Term

The word “Theistic” is derived from the Greek word Theos which means God. The word Evolution according to Chamber\'s dictionary means, "The doctrines according to which higher forms of life have gradually arisen out of lower; gradual working out or development…" Therefore, the meaning of the term, suggests that God used the method of Evolution or a gradual process, probably taking billions of years, in creating the present world including the human beings. There is no doubt that there are many Evolutionists today, yet there are also quite a number of people who believe in a mixture of Evolution and the Biblical Creationism. These people often call themselves ‘theistic Evolutionists’. However, the Scriptures state that God ‘created’ us, "Know ye that the LORD he is God: It is he that hath made us…” (Psalm 100:3), not through Evolution as some say. Furthermore, God created the world with His infinitely powerful word. When He commanded, "Let there be...” and there they were. The Scriptures speak of the creative work of God, but the Bible does not tell us that God said, "Let there be a slow development through an Evolutionary process.” For those who hold to the Bible as the Word of God, theistic Evolution is not a viable option.

The Implication of  the Term

What does this term imply then? The term implies a modern day compromise by Christians in the faith on the vital issue of the origin of the world and man with respect to the atheistic Theory of Evolution and Biblical Creationism. In fact, the term \'theistic Evolution\', is simply a variation on the theme of Evolution. It is indeed a sign of unbelief and apostasy in the end times. Why cannot God create the world and all that is in it within the six literal days as recorded in the book of Genesis? Alternatively, why does He have to use \'Evolution\' (as supposed by theistic Evolutionists) to \'help\' Him to create the world? It is an utter blasphemy to suggest such an option, and for those who take this view it is evidence of their unbelief. These people simply do not believe in the Bible as the ultimate and final truth as they take \'science\' or \'pseudo science\' as their God. Thus, the implication of the term is the apostasy and unbelief of the end times. It leads the compromising or ignorant Christians into the trap of Satan. Certainly, \'theistic Evolution\' is not an option for any Christian in his understanding of God\'s work in the Creation of the world and man.

…..to be continued.                 

Ps Weng

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