Volume. XXVII, No. 29
Sunday, 13 January 2013

How to Spend the Day with God - Part 2

Temptations and Things That Corrupt

Be thoroughly acquainted with your temptations and the things that may corrupt you - and watch against them all day long. You should watch especially the most dangerous of the things that corrupt, and those temptations that either your company or business will unavoidably lay before you.

Watch against the master sins of unbelief: hypocrisy, selfishness, pride, flesh pleasing and the excessive love of earthly things. Take care against being drawn into earthly mindedness and excessive cares, or covetous designs for rising in the world, under the pretence of diligence in your calling.

If you are to trade or deal with others, be vigilant against selfishness and all that smacks of injustice or uncharitableness. In all your dealings with others, watch against the temptation of empty and idle talking. Watch also against those persons who would tempt you to anger. Maintain that modesty and cleanness of speech that the laws of purity require. If you converse with flatterers, be on your guard against swelling pride. If you converse with those that despise and injure you, strengthen yourself against impatient, revengeful pride.

At first these things will be very difficult, while sin has any strength in you, but once you have grasped a continual awareness of the poisonous danger of any one of these sins, your heart will readily and easily avoid them.


When alone in your occupations, improve the time in practical and beneficial meditations. Meditate upon the infinite goodness and perfections of God; Christ and redemption; Heaven and how unworthy you are of going there and how you deserve eternal misery in Hell.

The Only Motive

Whatever you are doing, in company or alone, do it all to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Otherwise, it is unacceptable to God.

Redeeming The Time

Place a high value upon your time, be more careful of not losing it than you would of losing your money. Do not let worthless recreations, television, idle talk, unprofitable company, or sleep rob you of your precious time. Be more careful to escape that person, action or course of life that would rob you of your time than you would be to escape thieves and robbers. Make sure that you are not merely never idle, but rather that you are using your time in the most profitable way that you can and do not prefer a less profitable way before one of greater profit.

Eating and Drinking

Eat and drink with moderation and thankfulness for health, not for unprofitable pleasure. Never please your appetite in food or drink when it is prone to be detrimental to your health.  Remember the sin of Sodom: "Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food and abundance of idleness" - Ezekiel 16:49. The Apostle Paul wept when he mentioned those "whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame -- who set their minds on earthly things, being enemies to the cross of Christ" - Philippians 3:18-19. O then do not live according to the flesh lest you die (Romans 8:13).

Prevailing Sins

If any temptation prevails against you and you fall into any sins in addition to habitual failures, immediately lament it and confess it to God; repent quickly whatever the cost. It will certainly cost you more if you continue in sin and remain unrepentant. Do not make light of your habitual failures, but confess them and daily strive against them, taking care not to aggravate them by unrepentance and contempt.


Remember every day the special duties of various relationships: whether as husbands, wives, children, masters, servants, pastors, people, magistrates, subjects. Remember every relationship has its special duty and its advantage for the doing of some good. God requires your faithfulness in this matter as well as in any other duty.

Closing the Day

Before returning to sleep, it is wise and necessary to review the actions and mercies of the day past, so that you may be thankful for all the special mercies and humbled for all your sins. This is necessary in order that you might renew your repentance as well as your resolve for obedience, and in order that you may examine yourself to see whether your soul grew better or worse, whether sin goes down and grace goes up and whether you are better prepared for suffering, death and eternity.

May these directions be engraven upon your mind and be made the daily practice of your life. If sincerely adhered to, these will be conducive to the holiness, fruitfulness and quietness of your life and add to you a comfortable and peaceful death.

Richard Baxter


Footnote: Richard Baxter (12 November 1615 – 8 December 1691). Richard Baxter was an English Puritan church leader, poet, hymn-writer and theologian.

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Praise & Thanksgiving

1. Journey mercies: Dn Colin & Sis Grace Gan & family; Sister Clara Sim (Adl); Bro Raphael Ng (Goolwa/Adl); Sis Emily Zheng (Syd/Adl); & others who have arrived safely.

2. Church Activities, in the past week.

3. God’s daily mercy, guidance & blessings.

4. Visitors & new worshippers.

5. God’s help - coping with very hot weather last week. Cooler weather since.

Prayer Items

1. Health & God’s healing - Dr Gary Cohen (USA), Dr SH Tow (S’pore); Rev George van Buuren; Rev & Mrs James White; Bro Colin & Sis Kathleen Creaser; Bro Len & Sis Margaret Pearson (Nursing Home); Preacher Zhang (Sihanoukville); Grandpa Ki (S’pore); Bros Elton Law & Kang Fun Tan (S’pore); Sisters Lynette Booth, Mabella Booth (Nursing Home), Margaret Hooper, Lai Kheng Chiong (KL), Myung Ki, Choon Fong Lee (KL), Lehia Paauwe (Per), Susan Varadi (Nursing Home); Mr Swee Liang Ng (Bro Raphael’s father); Mr Mang Soo Ong (Sis Gillian Ong’s father); Mr Wong (Dn Wai Kin Wong’s father); Mrs Maggie D’Mello (Dn Edwin’s mother in Mumbai) & Mrs Chuilin Yap (Malacca); Mr Tony Zhang; & others in affliction.

2. Cambodia Missions - Rev Moses Hahn & Ministry (Sihanoukville); Bro John Saray (Kampot).

3. Ministry in New Life BPC (London): Ps & Sis Ki. Special Prayer: Healing & health; Ministry in Hope BPC & Adelaide.

4. Batam Missions - Sis Ang Liang Phoa & Ministry.

5. iSketch&Tell Studio, YouTube Ministry & Ordination - Pr HS Lim  (Melb, Vic).

6. House of Hope, Cebu - God’s guidance for counsellors, & drug addicts to receive Christ & be healed.

7. Ps & Sis Weng - Ministry in Hope BPC. 

8. Journey mercies: Rev Edward & Sis Lehia Paauwe; Sis Mary Ting & family (Adl); Bro Chilton & Sis Emily Chong & family (Melb/Per); Bro Raphael & Sis Bernadette Ng & family; Bro John & Sis Josephine Wong & family (Apollo Bay/Melb); & others who are travelling. 

9. Interpreters of sermon into Mandarin.

10. Full-time Job - Sisters Michelle Lee (Melb) & Corinne Teng; & others looking for  stable jobs.

11. Unity in doctrine & fellowship of all B-P Churches

12.  Smooth transfer & work in Perth, God’s guidance in their future: Bro Chilton & Sis Emily Chong & family (Leah & Marcus).

13. Health in pregnancy - Sis Kerrie Lam

14. Believers under persecution in Islamic nations.

15.  Australian work visas - Sisters Xiao Hui Chye, Clara Sim & Felicia Tan

16. Australia - politicians not to legislate laws contrary to God’s laws.

17. People affected by the bushfires in Victoria, Tasmania & NSW.

18. Candidates for Baptism - Sisters Xiao Hui Chye, Eliana Ng & Piah Buey Yeo.



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