Volume. XIX, No. 17
Sunday, 07 November 2004

Report from Pastor Ki

I have been traveling from place to place for the last three weeks or so.  I have traveled from Cambodia to Korea, and then to the States.  I spent one night in Arizona, two nights in Wisconsin, three nights in New York, two nights in Philadelphia, and last night I was in Apollo, Pennsylvania.  This morning I left from Apollo about 9:30 in the morning heading toward Dublin, Ohio. 

When I reached about half way through, I heard a sudden and very loud break noise behind my car.  I looked through the mirror that the car right behind me was spinning and crashed into a large truck driven with full speed at least 110 km per hour.  This passenger car was completely smashed and thrown against a median cement block.  The driver’s side was hit by the truck, and I think there was no chance for the driver to survive.  It was a rainy morning.  Within a split second, I escaped the accident and the car behind me was torn away like a little toy.  I saw it from the beginning till end through the mirror.  I cannot explain how I could have escaped the fatal accident, but the other driver could not.  Yesterday I drove 510 km and today another 420 km.  I’ll have to drive another 500 km to get to Michigan.  Keep praying for my journey mercies.  Your prayers are effectual and God answers to your prayers.  I am going to send you a few photos from Cambodia with brief explanations.  I miss you all.  I wish I could go home by now. 

God bless!  Pastor Ki

Note from Rev. Moses Hahn

Dear Rev. Ki,

We thank for your visit and many work for Pailin. Phannith will bring Kosal's mother to Kompongsom in November. I will deliver the gift to her then. The teacher's room in Ottawao will cost about US$3,500(4x7m, with toilet). We need US$1,500 more for it. 

Thanks, May God bless your trip.

Rev. Moses Hahn.

PS - Hope B-P Church had contributed $1,000 to the Kosal Teachers’ Lounge Project. Ps Ki.

More Lively Hope



Shorter Catechism Question 75: What is forbidden in the eighth commandment? The eighth commandment forbiddeth whatsoever doth or may unjustly hinder our own or our neighbour’s wealth or outward estate.

Please pray for healing for Rev Peter Clements; Sisters Nan van Buuren, Myung Ki, Aranka Rejtoe (who is in RAH) & Susan Varadi, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me” (John 14:1).

Please pray for Pastor Ki as he ministers God’s Word and travels in the US; Journey mercies for Elder Peng Kiat Khoo (Adelaide) and as he prepares to minister to Hope B-P Church; Missionaries in Cambodia - Rev & Mrs Moses Hahn, & Rev & Mrs David Koo; Year 12, university and Khmer FEBC students studying for their exams; Bro Hai Seng Lim - preparation for his ministry in Thailand and Malaysia; Session members as they prepare their sermons; Missions Team’s preparation to Cambodia in Jan 2005; Preparations for the Christmas Concert.

Praise and thank God for journey mercies granted to Ps Ki (USA), Rev George van Buuren (Beijing) and Sis Wendy Wong, Mr & Mrs Ray Price (Adelaide); for the family who donated Bibles to Hope Church. May God bless them richly.
Please note: YAF and Teen’s Prayer Exam timetables are available on the literature table.

Looking Ahead: YAF and Teen’s Seminar. Topic: Exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit in Service on 26 November at the Stone Mansion. Speaker: Elder Peng Kiat Khoo.

Looking Ahead: Christmas Concert: Saturday, 11 December at Concordia Chapel.



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