Volume. XXIV, No. 3
Sunday, 19 July 2009

Vacation Bible School 6 - 10 July 2009

VBS Report by Guest Speaker: Preacher Hai Seng Lim

What’s outstanding about this year’s Hope VBS ministry was that most of the young attendees were from Hope B-P Church, unlike past years. Red and yellow, black and white - all are precious in His sight. A good mixture of what heaven will be like!

Praise God indeed that the Hope VBS ministry is growing from strength to strength. And these young ones are the church of tomorrow. Thanks also to the excellent teamwork shown by the SS organizers and helpers who ensured that all the 5-day activities ran smoothly.

There was real excitement during Bible sword drills, games, art & craft sessions, quizzes, Q&A, Singspiration, etc, etc. Perhaps it is the aid of my new electronic teaching tool (thanks to my tablet PC) that I did enjoy sketching and explaining the series of five Bible lessons based on The Lord’s Prayer and the missionary story of Charles Thomas Studd - famous cricketer and pioneer missionary to China, India and Africa - that drew much attentiveness from the children. The gospel was also highlighted with Sketch & Tell to make plain the message of Salvation for children who have yet to come to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed, there are wonderful opportunities to sow the Gospel seeds while the young hearts are tender.

I must not forget those sisters who laboured in the church kitchen to provide for the lunch fellowship to the young and old after each day’s programme.

Thanks to the Hopefuls who are ever so hospitable and generous to me whenever I am in Adelaide.

Rejoice in the Lord always.

Soli Deo Gloria!

VBS Report from Sunday School Superintendent: Sis Josephine Wong

The theme for Vacation Bible school  (VBS) in 2009 was ‘Kingdom of the Son’ and it focused on the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9b-13. Pr Hai Seng Lim was the guest speaker and he drew his way through Bible lessons teaching the children about Jesus and how God listens, provides, forgives, protects and rules.

The missionary story was about Charles Thomas Studd who was born in England in 1860 and was saved at the age of 18. When he was sixteen years old, C T Studd became an expert cricket player and at the age of 19, became the captain of his team at Eton College. He was recognised as an outstanding cricketer. However, he gave up this career and became an extraordinary servant of Christ, faithfully preaching the Gospel in China, India and Africa.

By God’s grace, our 5-day VBS was a success with the Lord providing us with:

· wonderful children to teach God’s word to;

· extremely organised and cooperative helpers who were there before, during and after each day’s programme;

· fantastic cooks providing lunch for the helpers and snacks for the students;

· safe drivers who provided transport for children;

· parents and children who invited their friends and other children to join us;

· perfect outdoor weather for games 4 out of the 5 days of the week; and

· Pr Hai Seng who gave the messages to the children. 

We thank all those who gave up their time and effort to help the Sunday School manage the week smoothly and successfully. Above all,  we truly thank God for His provisions and His blessings during the week of VBS.  

Attendance for each day was Monday - 22, Tuesday - 18, Wednesday - 26, Thursday - 23, and Friday - 25.

The following are thoughts from some of the older children that attended VBS, and helpers’ perspectives of their experiences, and a message from a parent to share.

VBS Feedback from Students/Helpers/Parent (Edited)

Vacation Bible School is fun while you learn about God – Benjamin Wong

To the hard working team that put on Vacation Bible School in July 2009 at Hope Bible-Presbyterian, I just want to say a Big Thank You. I enjoy being a part and I believe my daughter, Robyn enjoyed it too and learnt a little. Though too young to really get a benefit, she learnt something! You have a wonderful atmosphere, inviting, and made us feel most welcome. Great to be able to leave my child in safe hands. You have all done a great job and well done to everyone involved and see you next year. Tell me when you do another one. Thanks and God Bless – Jenny Polley and Robyn and Stanley

It was very fun and next time will be even more fun. I only went here for two days but I enjoyed it. The part I like most is when we do craft because they are really fun. I think when it is story time  – is very funny because of the pictures. I think I will probably come five days in a row next time. I also hope that everyone enjoyed it. – Wei Yi

I think VBS was fun because I got to help some little kids and I was happy that I could help them. I liked Uncle Hai Seng’s story about C.T.  Studd – Charles Thomas Studd. I found it very interesting and can’t wait till he teaches us about Hudson Taylor. I loved the games. – Tim Gan

VBS was heaps of fun and we really enjoyed looking after the little kids and we learnt a lot – Shilsha and Monthi

Vacation Bible School was extremely fun! I really liked the games! I loved everything. VBS is awesome!!!! – Tristan

I really like Bible School because all the helpers are really nice and I really like learning about God and I really liked Uncle Hai Seng and his cartooning. I‘m glad I came – Ivy Blacker

I attended Vacation Bible School this school holidays and enjoyed myself. I thought the idea of a ‘prayer safari’ was very creative and appealing, especially to the younger ones. We were very fortunate to have Preacher Hai Seng to tell us the story. Having knowledge quizzes on the day after helped us remember the lesson. Learning about Charles Thomas Studd has given many encouragements to strive for God. He has inspired me to work harder and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and this VBS has been a memorable experience. – Sherilyn Wong

This year at vacation Bible School the main thing we learnt was the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ (Matthew 6:9b-13). I found VBS very interesting this year and made some new friends. The best part of VBS for me was “sword drill”. Sword Drill is where you hold up your Bible high up in the air and someone reads out the reference of a verse and when they say “CHARGE” you have to look for the verse. The first one that finds the verse is the winner. I hope that next year’s VBS will be as fun or more fun than this year’s VBS – Natalie Gan

I like games, I like craft, I like prayer, I like songs, I like everything – Bonnie Blacker

I like the story about C T Studd that Uncle Hai Seng gave and the story about Jesus. I enjoy the games and the crafts – Jun Yi

I learnt about Jesus and about C.T. Studd – Sheefali Singh

I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s VBS. I especially enjoyed watching and listening to Uncle Hai Seng’s missionary story about C.T. Studd. Overall, VBS was pretty awesome! The only thing is that the games we played were a bit too… plain. They just weren’t as fun for me…. Anyway, I also loved the craft sessions. I really liked the last one we did. Yes, I loved VBS this year. I’m sure that I will come next year too. – Narelle Chong

This is the first year of helping out in VBS for me. It has been a wonderful, new and enjoyable experience for me, as I have never helped out in something like that before. I still learnt something else. I learnt how to have more patience with younger children and work with them. Before VBS, I didn’t feel comfortable looking after younger children, but I feel a lot more comfortable and not weird around them anymore. I enjoyed helping out with the sword drills, crafts and the actions of songs. Some of their reactions were so adorable and cute. They could play with each other just using a piece of paper, and be really happy and amused that simply. I didn’t know looking after younger children could be so much fun. – Kimberly Gan 

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