Volume. XIX, No. 6
Sunday, 08 August 2004

Letter From Preacher Zhang

To: Hope BP Church, Rev Okman Ki and brothers and sisters, we greet you in the name of the Lord

We thank Hope BP Church for your tremendous support and your fervent prayers, which enables us to continue with the Mandarin Ministry in Cambodia, this gives us great encouragement, and we pray God will shower his blessings upon the good works of your church.

Currently our ministry consists of:
Mandarin Language classes: Monday to Friday at 11am, 12pm, 4 pm and 6 pm. We have a total of 40 students.
Guitar Classes: Saturday 2pm and 4 pm. We have about 10 students.
Sunday School Teacher training classes: Sat 2 pm with a total of 4 teachers.
Sunday School Classes: Sunday 10 pm with a total of 9 students.
Sunday Lords Day Worship Service: Sunday 2pm with a congregation size of about 25.

Future plans include starting a Bible Study Class in July, a 3 day Life Camp in mid August during the school holidays of the Cambodian School and Cambodian Chinese School and a Baptism Service in October, we pray that God will give us the wisdom to guide and carry out our service.

As a witness to Gods grace, Cambodias monsoon season is from June to October, and our First Sunday School class started on the 13th of June and 930 am. It was raining heavily that day, and by 945, Tian Nan (Mr Lee) said that we might not have any students coming. Suddenly the phone rang and it was one of the teachers who makes a living by selling clothes, but on Saturday a thief broke into the teachers house in the middle of the night and more than half of her goods were stolen, with losses estimated to be more that 200 US dollars, and she was waiting for the police to make a statement and would not be able to attend Sunday School. Also there were 2 more who because of the rain, were not allowed by their mother to ride their scooters to come to teach the class. Out of the 4 teachers the only teacher left was late, as she had to bring her younger sister in due to the rain. I told her at this time that God was testing our faith, but we must thank God that we at least had 1 student. But her sister did not feel at ease and said she wanted to go home to ask her neighbour to come, and with our prayers, we thank God that she brought 2 more children along. We then started singing hymns with the 3 students and it was 10.15 by the time we started singing the first hymn. Suddenly, there were 3 Mandarin Language class students from Smach Deng who travelled for half an hour and they brought along 3 more of their little friends. We must give all glory to our Loving God. We have learnt a lesson from God from this incident, which is when you carry out your duties faithfully, other matters are in Gods hands and everything is according to the Lords will.

When we see this Spiritual Battle, we feel that the work ahead of us is very dangerous and difficult, the devil Satans attack is very strong, and when we are doing Gods work, he is working there also, but he is working to hinder and destroy our work instead. Prayer is the source of our strength, the source of our strength is prayer we have not other weapons, our weapons besides the Word of God is prayer, which enables us to seek strength and wisdom from God to carry out our duties for him, and lets us depend on the strength of our Lord to seal any cracks, to battle the devils evil plans.

Cambodians monsoon season is then thieves become daring, they usually commit their crimes in the middle of the night during a heavy shower, on the 8th of June, thieves made a hole in our neighbours door and stole 9 pairs on shoes from the shoe rack beside the door. The morning after we saw that there were several pairs of shoes and a stick in front their door, Tian Nan and I thought that our neighbour had thrown their unwanted shoes outside, never did we think that it they were left behind by the thieves. Thursday afternoon at 5 pm while it was raining, thieves took advantage of the fact that we were having classes and used a long pole from outside of the fence to steal our students shoes, thank goodness that one of our students saw and started shouting, the thief was male and he ran away without the shoes. On Sunday, one of our sisters house got broken into and several clothes were stolen. Tuesday morning we went to the market to one of our members stall to ask her to buy a good lock to lock up her house. Sadly, she told us that last night while there was a big shower, a thief broke into her house and stole 40 over ducks and chickens. A lot has happened in one week and we really need to pray that our Lord will protect our brothers and sisters and make sure that they guard their houses properly.

Ever since weve moved to the new premises, life has become more busy, we really need to ask the Lord for wisdom and strength to shepherd our congregation, and also for sufficient strength to teach classes as well as to be able to have enough time for housekeeping matters. Tian Nan and I thank God for giving us a life of service for Him, God has given us strength, so that we can serve others. God has given us wisdom, so that we can lead people to believe in our Lord and expand Gods nation. All this is due to Gods special grace towards us, and we give thanks unto Him.

Thank you to Hope BP Church for your monetary support as well as for remembering the Sihanoukville Mandarin Ministry in your prayers, we hope for Gods blessings upon you. We pray that the Spirit of God will motivate more people to be involved in the mission work in Cambodia, and we hope that person will be you.

Thanksgiving & Prayer Requests

  • Praise and thank God for the commencement of the Sunday School Service, please pray that God will continue to shower His grace upon this ministry.
  • Thanks be to God for the successful shift in premises, everything went smoothly by the grace of God.
  • Please pray that during the rainy season, God will grant journey mercies to the brothers and sisters travelling to and fro.
  • For the future ministries, please pray that God will give us the wisdom to go about starting them, and that many brothers and sisters will join us enthusiastically.
  • Please pray for the brothers and sisters who will be baptised in December, that the Lord will strengthen their faith.
  • Please pray for the Sunday School Teachers, that the Lord will give them the love and wisdom to teach.
  • Please pray for the brothers and sisters serving in other ministries, that the Lord will give them a sense of responsibility and that they will serve joyfully.
  • Please pray for the spiritual status of our brothers and sisters, that the Lord will give them a fervent heart for the True Word (of God).
  • Please pray for our two sons in National Service, that God will keep them and sustain them.
  • Please pray for the health of Tian Nan and I, the Lord will give us sufficient strength and a cheerful spirit to serve.

Servants of the Lord,

Lee Tian Nan and Zhang Qiu Yue 16 June 04

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Shorter Catechism Question No. 61: What is forbidden in the fourth commandment? The fourth commandment forbiddeth the omission or careless performance of the duties required, and the profaning the day by idleness, or doing that which is in itself sinful, or by unnecessary thoughts, words, or works, about our worldly employments or recreations.

Please continue to pray for Sis. Myung Ki, Rev. Peter Clements, Bro. Surish Dharmalingam, Sis Susan Varadi, Sis. Aranka Rejtoe, Sis. Angie Yuen. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. (Psalms 121:2)

Thank God for granting journey mercies to Pastor Ki (South Korea, Singapore) and Dn. Terence Lee (Perth)

Please pray for journey mercies for Pastor Ki (Adelaide), Bro. Leonard Teo (USA), Bro. Simon Yeo (Melbourne) and Sis. Rachel Volvricht (Ireland).

Please pray that the Lord will provide $9,870 before 31 Dec 2004 for our interest free loan payments.

Bookshop News: Books for children and for teenagers have recently arrived. New cards & bookmarks are also now available.

Seminar on Prayer given by guest speaker Dr. Tow this Saturday, 14 August at the Stone Mansion. Invites are on the literature table. Please invite your friends.

Ordination day for Elder and Deacons next Sunday 15 August 2004.

Looking Ahead: YAF Evangelism Video Night on Friday, 20 August 2004. Please invite friends and all are welcome to come.

Looking Ahead: The dates for Vacation Bible School are from 27 September-1 October. All those who would like to provide assistance are invited to see Dns. Sally Law as soon as possible. Theme: Champions of Faith (Hebrews 1). Speaker: Bro Hai Seng Lim.

Looking Ahead: Hope BPC Christmas Concert will be held on Saturday, 11 December 2004. Please keep the date free.



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