Volume. XXII, No. 49
Sunday, 01 June 2008

January 2008 Cambodia Missions ReportsPart 4

Sis Joyce Gong

I was really excited to go back to Cambodia. I thought that I was ready for the mission trip as I\'ve been to Cambodia before. What I didn\'t expect was how the Lord would teach me humility and total reliance on Him alone.

Bro Richard Tee and I were the last ones in the team to arrive in Cambodia. Even before we stepped foot there, Satan was trying his best to hinder us and the Lord was teaching us to depend on Him. At Changi Airport the morning we were to fly to Phnom Phenh, I was told my ticket was not confirmed, and Richard was told that he couldn\'t go to Cambodia because his passport was expiring soon. My first reaction was shock and dismay, but I was sure that the Lord wanted us to go to Cambodia. After earnest prayer (and fortified with Starbucks breakfast), we spoke to the airport staff again and I was told my ticket was confirmed; thank the Lord! Bro Richard had to renew his passport and was delayed by a day but he completed our team in Cambodia the following day.  

After being picked up from the airport, we had a three and a half hour trip to Sihanoukville. A small advance team was sent ahead to help out with teaching while the others stayed in Phnom Penh for the medical missions before joining us. It was good to see familiar faces again and to renew friendships. While in Sihanoukville, I mainly taught the primary classes. The first day, I taught the story of Zacchaeus; they had heard it before! But they listened quietly and answered all my questions and all hands were in the air when I asked who wanted Jesus as their friend. Another day as I was teaching about occupations, I was very encouraged when a girl said she wanted to be an evangelist. Sis Tabitha and I also had an opportunity to go for the primary school’s annual excursion - a picnic by the sea! We got to know some of the teachers and some of the food we\'d never seen before. The students were so generous and gave us lollies, tamarinds, crab apples and other things to eat. What little they had, they shared; how kind they were!  

I was able to go along for one of the medical missions, and we had the opportunity to have a children\'s Bible program under the trees. The Bible students were fantastic with the kids and the children knew their Bible stories. Thank God for faithful Sunday School teachers over there too! We taught them some new English Bible songs and some Bible stories (with puppets and pictures) and also had some games. We also got to know the Bible students a little more.

That night, I was struck down with a stomach bug.  I\'d not had a stomach bug like that for a very long time.  The next day was Sunday, and I was going to help teach Sunday School. At the same time, a number of the others were sick too.  Life BP Church\'s Sunday School teachers were counting on us and were expecting about 50-70 children! On Sunday morning, we gathered together for a heartfelt prayer for strength and healing to enable each of us to teach Sunday School. Praise the Lord, we were able to teach the various classes! "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Phil 4:13). I was able to claim this promise as never before.

A group of us went straight from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap on Tuesday, 22nd Jan. On the morning we left, Rev and Mrs Koo came to the hotel to present us with gifts and certificates. We must continue to pray for missionaries such as themselves; for their generosity, selflessness and ceaseless energy in the Lord\'s work. The trip took about 8 hours. A number of us were not feeling well; a couple of us decided to challenge the stomach with unusual cuisine; but we really thanked the Lord for getting us to Siem Reap safely.

We were met at the hotel by Bro Joseph Lo (who had organised this part of the mission trip) as well as Bro Chanthon and Sis Siang Lai. I was very glad to meet them again and amazed they remembered me. The last time I saw them was about 5 years ago. We were also welcomed to Salina Hotel with signage in the lobby.  The manager (Mr Julio Leito) is a Christian and had gotten to know about the Siem Reap church and our Cambodia Missions Group. He very kindly offered us to stay at the hotel at a discounted rate.

VBS was held on the church premises for the next three days. The night before was spent organising people and planning lessons and art & crafts. I really thank God for Sis Emily Chin and her big bag of crafts! The teachers at the school affiliated to the church had gone to a nearby school to hand out leaflets about VBS, but we had little idea of the number of children attending. Each day was split into the morning and afternoon sessions. Fortunately, there were enough of us to divide it up so that we\'d only take one session a day. Each session started with singspiration, where the children really showed how much they liked singing. A number of them were regular church attendees, so it was wonderful to hear them sing familiar Bible songs so loud and clear. After singspiration, they were divided into 3 classes with 2 or 3 of us taking each class; teaching Bible stories and lessons, art & crafts and games. 

I took a class of 10-13 year olds.  I taught the Wordless book the first day, but they already seemed to know it! They answered all my questions and remembered the colours and what they stood for. It\'s a really good testimony to the Sunday School teachers there.  After class, lunch was provided. It was the second day and I could eat solid food, so the noodles were really delicious to me! 

The next day, Sis En taught the VBS class. After lunch, we had some time, so we played with the children. It\'s amazing that even with the language barrier, we could understand each other. Of course, there was a lot of pulling and pushing and them chattering to us in Khmer; but I was really happy when, during a time of singing, they burst into the song "Walking with Jesus" of their own accord. The children are really sweet and playful, they really want to learn and they\'re smart.

The 3rd VBS day dawned with rain. When we arrived there, there were no children!! We got together and started to pray. Not long after, a couple of boys ran in, soaking wet. Then a few girls cycled up. We started singspiration, and we were also trying to learn the song "With Christ in the vessel" in Khmer. Soon more children came in; we really thank the Lord for the children who came, even through the heavy rain. We had a combined lesson that day. But I had to leave to go to the airport mid-way. 

I would like to also thank God for Mrs Thomas\' example of being an evangelist. Wherever we went, she\'d give a tract, or invite people to church, or tell them the gospel - be it the toot-toot driver, or the security guard at the hospital or the Japanese tourists at the hotel.  And praise God for so many who gave their time, money and energy to go on this trip and for their sweet fellowship. I have learnt much during my time there and thank God for the opportunity to be on this mission trip.

Bro You Wen Yeap

I always thought that going on a missions trip was to give and to help others who were less fortunate than me. Never did I realize I would receive so much along the way.

I joined the 6th Cambodian Missions with the motivation of doing medical work only. Ah…the opportunity to practice medical skills and to see third-world diseases ….so I thought!

On the first day, I was busily trying to recall questions to ask and examinations to perform. The opportunities to share the gospel with every patient just slipped by. As I saw more patients, I realized that it was beyond my capabilities to help these people. Most of them had chronic conditions and the resources available to us were inadequate. I looked around and saw that the other medics were spending more time sharing the gospel and praying for these people. Then did I realize that healing of the souls was the true intention of this medical mission.

Another thing that struck me was the attitude of the Cambodian Christians. These people were not waiting for help, they were helping themselves. Their fervency and desire to spread the gospel had no boundaries. They go to faraway rural villages, conduct tuition classes, and build schools and churches in an effort to bring the Word to everyone. I had the opportunity to go to two churches on Sunday to give a sermon and testimony. While in the van traveling to the village, I was feeling apprehensive. I shared with my translator how I felt and he just told me “Trust in God”. Just 3 words and I immediately knew I was relying on my own strength and not depending on God. My translator’s faith really shook me…Who was I relying on all these years? Trusting God or myself? Such a simple reminder but I felt truly blessed and grateful towards him.

Meanwhile, as my van group was singing the song “Here I am Lord, send me”, I pondered on my intentions of coming to Cambodia. Why was I here? If I was here to do God’s work, why was I holding back? Should I not be glad to have this opportunity to share God’s Word with others? Reaffirming that it was a blessing to do God’s work, and that He was with me in this, really comforted me and eased my nerves. I went on to give my sermon on ‘Prayer’ at the village and am really thankful that I had done so.

Going to Cambodia and writing this testimonial has provided a window for personal reflection on my life as a Christian. It has shown me where I have been putting Him in my life and where He should be. I am also especially thankful to have been able to help out and to witness the passion for Christ among the Hopefuls, Ebenezerites and Cambodians. I hope and pray that one day I too would have such zeal and passion for Christ like these people…

Bro Rexson Tse

It has been a wondrous blessing from God to be able to participate in the 2008 Cambodian missionary trip held by Hope BP church. I am very thankful that my fellow friends and colleagues Lam, You Wen for inviting me to join and the BP church missionary team for allowing my participation.

The Cambodia missionary trip not only provided medical assistance and education to the people of Cambodia, it also helped us Christians to build more faith and experience with God. I have learnt along the trip that we have to serve the Lord our Father with all our hearts yet be humble, realizing that what we have done is so little; knowing that to serve God is God’s blessing and not by our own choice. In all the three cities we visited I enjoyed myself working in a foreign place with like-minded people from different backgrounds.

In closing I would like to give special thanks to the pastors now in Cambodia who took care of us, Pastor Ki and Elder Michael for organizing the trip, the medical and educational team leaders and organizers in doing such a good job and everyone who participated in the trip. May God continue to use and bless you all in the journeys to come.

More Lively Hope




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