Volume. XXXVII, No. 25
Sunday, 18 December 2022

Letter from Rev Sun Sokha

Dear Rev Dr Ok Man Ki, Elders Michael Lee, Colin Gan, Session Committee members and Hope BP Members,


Greetings to you in the Name of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

It has been quite a long time since I have written anything to you all, yet our hearts and prayers are with you all always. Thanks to God for leading us by His grace daily though life and ministries, where we face a lot of challenges each time. Through your prayers, support and watching online sermons, the Lord has helped us to remain faithful in His service until this day.


Thank God and thank you Hopefuls for your love gifts. I’ve received quite a large amount of love gifts already. It helps us a lot for His mission work here and our family. Praise the Lord for that.


This year after returning back to face to face worship, we lost 9 members, including one of three elders. They moved to another church. Our hearts were hurt for a long while. We used to go on missions together and serve in various parts together. Hope that our Lord will show great mercy on His church. We realize we are so weak and need His daily grace.



There are many items of praise and thanksgivings to report as well as several prayer requests as well:


Praise and Thanksgiving:

The Lord has blessed us to start a new outreach missions station recently at one of our church member’s houses. Some of the church leaders go around to houses to evangelize and invite their kids to come to study Bible stories, learn Christian songs and study English. The place is crowded with many people because there are some factories here; the parents go to work and they leave their kids behind. We hope and pray that the Lord will send many kids to come to know the Lord in the near future.


Prek Takov which is led by Dn Dara, Dn Var Vandeth and Sovann Mary are going there. Some kids are learning how to give their tithes. Though it is not much, it is a good start.


Lokru Hak’s place is doing OK too. He, his son John and daughter-in-law to be, are studying at the Bible School. They are working hard. Our church can help by providing a small love gift to John. We also have two second-year Bible students who study at the Bible School too.


The Lord also blessed us with a small piece of land in Kampot, and if God willing, we can start a new outreach there as well in the future. Sometimes, we bring our young people to have a retreat there.


Thank you for praying and supporting our two kids Jemima and Daniel. Now Jemima is about to start grade 12 soon and Daniel will be in grade 10. God is so good to us. Without Him and your prayers, we can do nothing.



Prayer requests:

Please do keep our Christmas activities in your prayers. By His grace, we are having 5 Christmas activities soon. Christmas for Sunday School, and two mission outreaches at lokru Hak and church. Pray that the Lord will bless all those who participate and guests who are invited by church members.


Please do pray for all mission outreaches and the ministers there, that the Lord may bless the lands where we go, and may they be built  up, deep rooted in His Word and love.


Please do keep our family in your prayers. We really need wisdom, strength and zeal to serve Him far and near.


Please do keep our daughter Jemima in prayer, she is doing 12th grade now. She really loves her study. She will finish her studies next June and will wait to take her government exam, which may be October or November next year. Now she is trying to apply for an overseas scholarship. 


As it’s Christmas Season, we pray that the Lord bless you, watch over you dear Hopefuls and will continue to use you all as the fountain of blessings to people locally and overseas.



Early blessed Christmas and have a joyous New Year in 2023.


With many loves and thanks,

Sun Sokha, Nam Soon, Jemima, Daniel and Faith Church, Phnom Penh


More Lively Hope



  • Christmas Day lunch gathering will occur in various Hopefuls’ homes. Please contact Pastor Ki or Dn Kevin Low if you have not yet made arrangements and wish to participate.
  • Christmas offering collection will be designated for Dn Kevin. Please designate offerings as “Christmas”.
  • Flower Roster for 2023 is available in the Foyer. 
  • Sanctuary Clean-up: Working Bee this Saturday (24th).
  • Pre-service Prayer Meeting @ 9.20am in the Hall. All are encouraged to attend.


Praise & Thanksgiving

  • Journey mercies: those who have travelled.



  • Missions: Rev & Mrs Stephen Choi (Cambodia); Sis Ang Liang Phoa & ministry & Christmas activities in Batam.
  • Healing: those unwell and/or down with COVID and recovering from surgery.
  • Journey mercies: all those who are travelling.



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