Volume. XXXVII, No. 7
Sunday, 14 August 2022

The Conflict and Arsenal for the Christian (Part 2)

Be Equipped with the Armour of God (v14-17). Having your loins girt about with truth

  • a belt/girdle

The belt is not an ornament, it is an armament. It was used by Roman soldiers to hold the entire set of their amour together and is thus naturally very important. If we want to put on the belt, we must be on the side of truth which comes from Jesus Christ (Jn 1:17), as opposed to the devil’s deceitfulness. As Christians, we must be found standing (symbolizing readiness) and wearing our belt all the time


  • Breastplate of righteousness

Snipers will usually aim at either the head or the chest first. Roman soldiers who wear the breastplate will have a better chance of survival because the breastplate (i.e., righteousness) protects one of the most important organs: the heart. There are 2 forms of righteousness:

    • Imputed Righteousness: we must be washed by the blood of the lamb.
    • Practical Righteousness: denotes integrity, justice and being above board in all our dealings. God does not demand perfection, but rather a certain rectitude, good conscience and a heart for repentance and confession when we sin.


  • Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace

The Christian gospel is defined as peace-making with God. We must always be ready to use every opportunity to share the gospel. But before we can share the gospel, we must make sure that we know the gospel well enough AND that we are actually saved – because what you do not have, you cannot give. We must have Christ to share Christ; we must understand the gospel before we can teach it.


  • Shield of faith

The Roman soldier’s shield is an oblong/triangular 4x 2.5ft piece of metal that is the mobile piece he carries. When the soldier squats down and places the shield in front of him, he should be at least 90% covered against the enemy's arrows. Our faith in God and his word is supposed to act as a shield to guard us against the fiery darts of the evil one. There are, again, two forms of faith:

    • Objective faith: "I believe in God". The world teaches us to see first before believing, but as Christians, our faith enables us to believe first and see later.
    • Subjective faith: " I trust the Lord"(Heb 11:16) We must believe God's word wholeheartedly even though we have not seen many of things like heaven, hell and Christ we have read. While we do confess that many times our faith is overcome by fear, that fear must eventually be translated into trust in God.


  • Helmet of salvation

The helmet protects the head, which represents the seat of knowledge and bastion of understanding. This guards us against false doctrines and teachings that permeate the world and the Church today.


  • Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God

The sword is the only offensive weapon that will protect and equip us to advance into enemy territory (i.e., to share the gospel with unbelievers in evangelism). The Bible is the sword of Christians, which will be our main weapon in all our preaching teaching and evangelistic efforts. The question here to consider is: how much of this book that we carry really belongs to us? Do you read, meditate and memorise the Word of God? Know the word well and you are ready to do battle.


  • Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit (vs 18)

The armour of God functions well when complemented by fervent persevering prayer for ourselves and others too. Prayer symbolizes devotion and constant communication with God and is like that oil that protects our armour, which in turn protects us.



The two previous world wars have taught us that proper military equipment and the right and strategic use of it is important coupled with courage for ultimate victory in each battle. We live in perilous times where the enemy will attack us even more. Are we truly equipped and ready to withstand the attacks of the enemy when it comes? It is one thing to know about the armour and another to be actually wearing it and to know the God of this armour. Are you truly born again, and have you truly accepted Christ and repented of your sins? Let us all put on the full armour of God, that we ‘may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand’.


Rev. Jack Sin

With permission from Rev Jack Sin
(reproduced from Sovereign Hope Bible-Presbyterian Church Weekly published 10 July 2022)


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